Steve HoffackerCAPS, CEAC, SHSS, enjoys the "Senior Home Safety Specialist" designation and advisory/consulting relationship with Age Safe America, a Florida-based, North American purview, aging in place and senior advocacy organization that is membership based and service-driven. In fact, Steve was the first person to receive this special designation, and he encourages others to get it as well. The is a special incentive available on the aging in place products page.

 Founded by Steven Bailey, he says on his website:

    "We are coming into a senior population explosion that is unprecedented in history. We will need an army of trusted and compassionate advocates to assist them. Age Safe America will help empower and support this army.”

Age Safe America is charged with meeting the growing need for Home Safety Assessments and Aging In Place Home Modifications by qualified providers - such as us. Their members are independent advisors, service providers, contractors, health care professionals, and other aging in place professionals interested in helping seniors and their families and loved ones determine the appropriate steps to maximize both safety and independence - allowing people to age well at home.

 Members provide a variety of valuable services and represent a tremendous skill level for older adults, aging boomers, renters, and homeowners to live independently where they chose. Members proudly display our patriotic emblem to validate their commitment to help Americans young and old enjoy the freedom and independence to “age safe at home“.

Age Safe America is part consulting, part advocacy, part training and part passion to be of service. A visionary company directed by nationally recognized experts in fall prevention, home safety, aging in place, universal design, environmental assessment, home modifications, as well as marketing to seniors and aging boomers.   The organization provides consulting, training programs, business development, tools, resources, and support services to existing business owners and would be entrepreneurs providing aging services and products to seniors and their adult children.

They desire to be a trusted name for all those choosing to “age safe at home” and a source of confidence and peace of mind to all their family members.

It is a pleasure to be associated with this organization as a member, Business Team Advisory member, and SHSS designee.

Age Safe America - An Aging In Place Advocacy Organization
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Steve Hoffacker CAPS, CEAC, SHSS
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