Design, Sales, Marketing for CAPS Professionals by Steve Hoffacker
After you have taken the CAPS designation courses and the universal design/build class, you may want or need additional coursework, seminars, continuing education hours ("CEUs"), or in-service training. 

Many courses are available through the NAHB's University of Housing, and these apply to remodeling, sales, marketing, and growing your remodeling, aging in place, or consulting business. You can register for these classes by following the links below. Additionally, there are one-hour - four-hour classes that Steve has authored and that he presents to local home builder associations, to local designers and other aging-in-place professionals through the NKBA, to the larger home builder and related community at IBS and the Remodelers Central, and through online webinars.

Steve Hoffacker, CAPS, CEAC, SHSS, MCSP, MIRM, focuses on teaching you (and your team or organization) how to develop your communication and lead generation skills so you can connect with people who need your help. There are no scripts, words or phrases to memorize, or rigid rules to follow without understanding why you would want to use them. When you know the underlying reasons for doing something that works, you'll want to do it also. It's that simple.

When you learn the basics - the actual basics - of how communication is the foundation of making sales, you won't need refresher seminars, sales rallies, or other programs to kick-start your sales or re-motivate you. This is what makes Steve and his approach to training different than any other trainer or consultant you might engage. For builders, Steve helps you to create homes that people want to live in and enjoy for many years. Some may decide that this is the last home they will ever need to purchase because you will have designed it so well for them in terms accessibility, function, comfort, and safety.

Purpose-driven construction, remodeling, and aging in place solutions come from understanding how to communicate with your customers, letting your customers be themselves to buy or decline based on their level of interest and ability to make a decision, and approaching your solutions from the standpoint that the basic approach of engaging your customers has not changed appreciably over the years.

Our purpose is to engage an interested customer, determine what they are looking for (also how soon, how much, and other salient factors), help them understand what their choices are with us, answer as many questions as it takes to make them comfortable in making a decision, explain how they get started working with us, and make it happen.

This is purpose-driven construction solutions. No gimmicks. No artificial enthusiasm. Just an honest desire to learn what it will take to satisfy what people are looking for and then helping them to get it. While there are many scientific aspects to selling, much of it is an art that is cultivated and released rather than taught.

Steve offers in-person courses at a location he schedules or at your location (upon request) or online live webinars. He is an approved provider for the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) as well as being a licensed University of Housing instructor through the NAHB
Continuing Education Opportunities


A great way to learn about new home construction, marketing, sales, and product delivery, including new trends such as aging in placeuniversal design, and visitability, for anyone (regardless of your current title or position), check out the one-day Basics of Building ("BOB") class.

The one-day "Sales & Marketing for Building Professionals" ("MSBP") class takes a look at social media, websites, marketing, advertising, and the sales process for consultants, contractors, remodelers, aging in place specialists, builders, and other professionals aligned with the housing industry.



Basics Of Building ("BOB"), Monday, July 10, 2017 [Paul Davis Restorations, 2781 Vista Parkway, #K-12, West Palm Beach, FL 33411]

Basics Of Building ("BOB"), Monday, November 20, 2017 [Paul Davis Restorations, 2781 Vista Parkway, #K-12, West Palm Beach, FL 33411]


Certified New Home Sales Professional ("CSP"), Wednesday-Friday, August 9-11, 2017 [Paul Davis Restorations, 2781 Vista Parkway, #K-12, West Palm Beach, FL 33411]

How to obtain your CSP designation after completion of coursework - online


Marketing & Sales For Building Professionals ("MSBP"), Friday, July 14, 2017 [Paul Davis Restorations, 2781 Vista Parkway, #K-12, West Palm Beach, FL 33411]

Marketing & Sales For Building Professionals ("MSBP"), Monday, December 4, 2017 [Paul Davis Restorations, 2781 Vista Parkway, #K-12, West Palm Beach, FL 33411]


Watch for these classes as they are scheduled. There will be noontime or early evening classes and also live webinars. Steve will be covering a series of topics for approved continuing education credit at a nominal price. The classes will be approximately 90 minutes in length and will carry 0.2 credits from NKBA.

The first class to be scheduled will be "Visitability In The Kitchen" and will cover maneuverability, space planning, accessibility, and usage patterns for residents and visitors alike in a home.

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Steve Hoffacker, New Home Sales Training