Steve HoffackerCAPS, CEAC, SHSS, has written and published several books which you will find beneficial as you develop and strengthen your construction or aging-in-place businesses. These books cover a variety of topics from sales techniques, lead generation, discovery, universal design, accessibility, and aging in place. They are available in both print (softcover) editions and Kindle eBook versions and are available from and other sources.


For a quicker read and information on a specific topic of interest for your new home sales or aging-in-place/universal design businesses, Steve has published several free whitepapers that are downloadable here. They range in length from 4-12 pages, from 2-3,000 words on average. 

There also are some shorter articles of several hundred words that Steve has prepared as blog or informational articles. Also, look for Steve's daily posts on his "Aging In Place Insider" blog.


For doing aging-in-place home assessments, having a form or checklist that is both comfortable and effective to use is important. Such forms need to apply to physical limitations that people may have in using their homes as well as shortcomings about the home itself in just having comfortable and convenient access and maneuverability in it. While there are many such forms available, and you can create your own, here is one free of copyright or other restrictions that you may use that has been modified and supplemented from earlier versions along with a link to the CASPAR form.


Pinterest is a great site for posting and sharing pictures - often ones we would never see otherwise. They come from around the world so we have an opportunity to learn and experience what others are using for aging-in-place or universal design solutions elsewhere.

Steve has created several boards that reflects images pertaining to new home sales and construction, aging-in-place, and universal design. Many of the images he shows also are included as examples in his courses. Visit his Pinterest boards to see the many images displayed.


Anyone you who has taken Steve's CAPS designation courses or read any of his universal design books have heard him talk about or read about Universal Design solutions and strategies that form the the foundation for any type of remodeling or home renovation and underpin the safety, comfort, convenience, and accessibility of specific aging-in-place solutions.

Find a list of some of the most commonly recommended universal design strategies and solutions for creating effective and functional living environments - many of which can be completed by the homeowner or renter and others which can be done by a handyman.

Resources For Your Aging In Place & Construction Businesses
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