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We're All About Sales Training – New Home SalesAging-In-Place & Universal Design 
Let us help you create and implement an effective new home sales process

When you need a more organized, more consistent, and more reliable new home sales presentation for whatever type, size, and price point of new homes you are selling, Steve HoffackerCAPS, MCSP, MIRM, is standing by to help. You have come to the right place.

We provide individual, small group, and entire sales team training and coaching by telephone, teleconferencing, and onsite. We don't use facilitators — you get Steve and his more than 30 years of professional experience working directly with you and your staff.

We know that you have many choices on where to go for your new home sales training or who to engage as a sales trainer, consultant, or coach to help you with your sales process, so make sure you select someone who can work well with your organization and shares your work ethic, scope, objectives, business philosophy, and intensity.

Steve is uniquely qualified to help you with your new home sales program because of his extensive sales background  — as an award-winning onsite new home salesperson and through sales experience with various other products and services also.

To get the most out of your new home sales training program — regardless of how many salespeople you have, how many sessions are involved, or where the training takes place — make sure you find someone like Steve who actually has onsite new home sales experience and understands the new home sales process. This way, you'll be working with someone who understands the new home sales process and can anticipate how customers think and act so your staff can be ready to handle what comes their way.

For additional training resources Steve has incorporated many of his techniques and strategies into his several published paperback and Kindle eBooks for new home sales. He also creates blog posts, tips of the day, and social media content such as new home sales videos and slide shows. He frequently shares his expertise at builder functions such as IBS and SEBC.

We can show you how to market, sell, and create effective aging-in-place solutions
for people of any age or ability who desire to remain in their current homes

When it comes to aging-in-place and universal design, Steve knows what it takes to attract new clients and then to work with them to create results that will satisfy them for many years. While some people just want a simple remodeling or renovation — and may even consider doing the work themselves — others are going to want and need much more extensive, creative solutions to positively impact their living space and provide years of comfort, safety, convenience, and accessibility.

To learn how you can find your place in this growing - and very rewarding - field, contact Steve for information on his CAPS, universal design, marketing, sales, and other training programs for working with people of various ages, abilities, and needs who want to remain in their current homes for the foreseeable future - and avoid the extremely high cost of moving into a nursing home or retirement facility.

​People with construction, design, health care, insurance, medical equipment, and many other backgrounds are becoming certified to provide valuable services to their clients in this ever-increasing and expanding market.

Unlike some professionals in this field, Steve understands the differences and nuances between aging-in-place and universal design but knows that universal design is a great baseline strategy for most people and most homes. Those requiring specific treatments beyond that can be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Steve's sales, marketing, and extensive do-it-yourself remodeling experience bring a well-rounded approach to those wanting to learn about and succeed in this field.

Contact Steve to learn more about his training and certification opportunities and his several published paperback and Kindle eBooks on aging-in-place and universal design.  This is a very dynamic field, and we are adding resources frequently.

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