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Steve Hoffacker, New Home Sales Training
If you want a different type of instructor, sales trainer, or consultant for your aging-in-placeuniversal design, or residential construction business - one with knowledge, solid fundamentals, and industry awards recognition - that will teach you what you need to know to succeed rather than offering a typical "rah-rah" feel-good sales rally, a series of team-building games and exercises, a "follow-along-in-the book" lecture, or an authoritative "do-it-my-way" approach you have come to the right place.

Steve HoffackerCAPS, MCSP, MIRM, believes in what he does and has over three-decades of practical experience that he brings to each training opportunity - whether it's a personal coaching session, a group training program, a certification program (such as "CAPS" or "CSP"), a training class, a webinar, or a phone conversation.
Residential  Construction Programs

For more than 30 years, we have been involved in the residential construction business - consulting with general contracors, custom builders, small volume builders, and sales and marketing professionals on product design, sales, marketing and other critical issues. We have provided sales training, market research, product review, positioning, sales forms, and so much more for business success. As universal design has become a much more acceptable and dynamic approach for building, renovating, and selling new and existing homes, it's rewarding to be able to offer strategies for this approach to serving the broadest of consumer interests.

You can't help but absorb our enthusiasm for construction solutions when you engage us as a sales trainer or attend one of our instructional courses - for sales and closing, marketing and lead generation, contracts and forms, design and layout, and more.

If you're looking for someone who does more than talk a good game and that has actually done what he teaches, be sure to have a conversation with Steve before you make any decisions for your sales organization. Benefit from the actual experience he has acquired over the years.
Aging-In-Place Programs

As people seek to remain independent and living in their homes longer, they need trained professionals to help them live safely and comfortably in those homes.

Steve will help you understand the tremendous opportunities that are available for you to help people - regardless of their age, the value or condition of their home, or any physical challenges they might be facing. In fact, universal design strategies and concept are a great place to begin.

Steve brings a tremendous amount of personal and practical knowledge and experience in universal design, aging-in-place solutions, construction, visitability, function, and accessibility to your classroom experience. Learn what works, what doesn't, and how to know the difference as you explore ways to help your clientele and make money for your business. He is the most experienced CAPS instructor in North America!
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Steve Hoffacker CAPS, MCSP, MIRM

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