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Training For New Home Sales & Aging-In-Place/Universal Design
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Steve Hoffacker, New Home Sales Training
If you are looking for a different type of sales trainer - one that will teach you what you need to know to succeed rather than offering a "rah-rah" feel-good sales rally, team-building games, or an authoritative "do-it-my-way" approach - for your new home sales business or your aging-in-place or universal design remodeling, renovation, or home modification business, you have come to the right place.

Steve believes in what he does and has over three-decades of practical experience that he brings to each training opportunity - whether it's a personal coaching session, a group training program, a training class, or a phone conversation.

Check out the many ways you can connect and interact with Steve by having him as a trainer for your company, a personal sales coach, a training class instructor, or by watching his training videos or reading his blogs, sales tips, or books.

New Home Sales

We love new home sales. It's an honorable pursuit and a great, rewarding way to serve people and help them achieve their dreams.

You can't help but absorb our enthusiasm for new home sales - and in making them happen - when you engage us as a new home sales trainer (either individually or as a company), or attend one of our training courses.

You'll benefit from Steve's extensive knowledge of new home sales and his years of coast-to-coast experience.

If you're looking for someone who does more than talk a good game and that has actually been in the trenches, have a conversation with Steve.


As people seek to remain in their homes longer and be safe and comfortable at the same time, they need trained professionals to assist them.

Steve will help you understand the tremendous opportunities that are available to help people regardless of the age, value, or condition of their home, or physical challenges they might be facing.

Steve brings a tremendous amount of personal and practical knowledge and experience in universal design, aging-in-place solutions, visitability, function, and accessibility to your classroom experience.

Learn what works, what doesn't, and how to know the difference.

Tips, Blogs & Books

Do you need a special word or message to guide you through the day or help with a situation you are facing? Steve prepares an original message for your, not one that is simply republished from someone else.

Take a current event, a topic that maybe is widely misunderstood, or a techniques that you can use right now - those you will find discussed in regular blog posts on this site.

How about some books with hard-hitting tips, strategies, and techniques on how to sell new homes more effectively or create aging-in-place solutions for your clients? 

Sales Training Videos

Video messages are very popular. You can learn a lot sometimes in less than a minute by watching a video.

The value of a video message is that you get to learn what is being conveyed to you while hearing and seeing the delivery of it for "real-time" impact - just as if you were actually present when it was recorded.

Steve has recorded many tips, insights, strategies, observations, and "behind-the-scenes" looks at what needs top go into a new home sales presentation, how to engage customers, or wht aging-in-place and universal design are all about.

Spend a couple of minutes any time you like learning what Steve has to share with you.

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