Since 2002, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), at the encouragement of AARP, has been offering the Certified Aging In Place Specialist (“CAPS”) designation and training program for consumers and professionals who want to help people as they live in their long-term homes of choice in a safe, comfortable, convenient, and accessible way.

Over the years, there have been three versions of the program. The initial content featured a CAPS I and CAPS II and a Business Management class and ran until 2008. In 2008, the second edition of classes, retitled and with new materials, was introduced although it still was a CAPS I, CAPS II, and Business Management set of classes. The Business Management class in both timeframes was able to be skipped by someone having already completed similar coursework elsewhere or having a professional designation that would suffice.

Then in 2017, the current content was introduced. The CAPS curriculum was totally modified, rewritten, and reissued. This is good news for all of us. The courses were renamed, new materials were prepared, and the potential exemption was eliminated with the addition of the third class for everyone. Finally, the CAPS III class has become part of the designation coursework.

Unlike earlier times, there are no exemptions for anyone based on knowledge, experience, educational degrees, other certifications held, or any other criteria. All of us take all three classes.

  • If you already have taken any of the previously issued CAPS classes, or you have obtained your CAPS designation, you do not have to do anything – your CAPS certification is as solid as ever.
  • If you have only taken one or two of the classes and need to finish your coursework, the new material will be refreshing and more timely for you – some of you may even want to go back to the beginning even though this is not required. This will provide updated material and additional CEUs even you if have completed the material previously and don’t require it for credit toward the designation.
  • Here is a synopsis of each of the three CAPS classes (CAPS I, CAPS II, and CAPS III) that Steve Hoffacker, CAPS, presents online in a live, real-time format. They previously were offered as in-person classes in West Palm Beach, Florida, and in many other markets throughout the United States – over forty times a year: In 2021, 46 class sessions (consisting of CAPS I, CAPS II, and CAPS III) were conducted, 45 class sessions were held in 2022, and 47 are on this year’s calendar. Other classes that complement the CAPS courses are offered as well.

2023 Class Schedule