In 2017, the CAPS (Certified Aging In Place Specialist) curriculum was totally modified, rewritten, and reissued. This is good news for you:

  • If you already have taken all of your CAPS classes, you do not have to do anything – your CAPS designation is as solid as ever.
  • If you have only taken one or two of the classes and need to finish your coursework, the new material will be refreshing and more timely for you – some of you may even want to go back to the beginning even though this is not required.
  • There now is a “CAPS III” class (effective October 2017) that contains case studies and hands-on application of strategies to create solutions.
  • Since the Business Management for Building Professionals (“BMBP”) class, which formerly was the third required class for the designation, is no longer offered except online, there are no more exemptions in place to obtain the CAPS designation – everyone will take all three required CAPS classes (CAPS I, II, and III), meaning that we all will have a common knowledge base.

Here is a synopsis of each of the three CAPS classes and the Universal Design/Build course also that Steve Hoffacker, CAPS, CEAC, SHSS, presents in West Palm Beach, Florida and other markets throughout the United States: