“Aging In Place Tips For De-Cluttering & Organizing”

There are many articles written about the need for, as well as how to go about, decluttering our living spaces, especially as we get older. We have many places where we store our stuff – basements, attics, closets, dressers, cabinets, garages, backyard storage sheds, and even storage spaces off-site that we rent. As a matter… Read more »

“Gift Giving To Our Aging In Place Strategic Partners”

As the final installment of this three-part discussion of gift-giving for the traditional season of giving gifts, and coinciding with the end of the year, here’s the last part. We’ve looked at ways to consider the client in giving them additional, non-paid-for items as part of the overall job or otherwise enhancing their experience by… Read more »

“More Ways To Give To Our Aging In Place Clients”

As our season of celebration continues, we are reminded that Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries are more than just a one-day event. Sure, they are recognized and observed on a particular day, but the spirit of the day and what we feel as we experience and participate in these events often continue for days, months, and… Read more »

“We Can Give Gifts To Our Aging In Place Clients”

Among other activities this time of year, gift-giving is quite popular. As aging in place specialists, we have an opportunity to give something quite important to our clients as well as our own families. As we enter our own homes and experience them every day, and as we walk around the living spaces of our… Read more »