“Aging In Place Designs Are Not Created Equal”

In creating aging in place designs or renovations for our clients, there are several considerations that may factor into the mix. Because there is no standard approach for creating the improvements, there is no template that we can apply although many people try to do so or wish it were so. It would make things… Read more »

“A Seasonal Look At Aging In Place Considerations”

Many of us look forward to the change of seasons – the first buds on the trees in the springtime and those early springtime flowers, the brighter sunshine and warmer temperatures of the summer, the fall colors and cooler temperatures of the fall or autumn, and the snow (depending on where we live) and the… Read more »

“A Kitchen Design Focus That Is Trending But Not Trendy”

People love to think about, look at, and discuss kitchens. When people shop for a home or walk through a builder’s model, the kitchen receives a huge amount of consideration. When they watch television design shows or visit design-oriented websites and social media, the kitchen often is their area of interest. A fondness for the… Read more »