“So What If Boomers & Others Are Remaining In Their Homes Longer And Impacting The Available Homes Market?”

It’s true, that people are remaining in their home much longer than most people can remember. There was a time when people moved on average every five years. In was not unusual for people to occupy several different homes at several different addresses (and even cities) within their lifetime. People also used to upgrade their cars… Read more »

“A New Look At How Home Security Enhances Aging In Place”

Mention home security, and we likely think of elaborate locks, alarm systems, and monitoring devices – possibly even trained guard dogs. These are all valid forms of providing home securing and protecting the occupants of a residence – giving them peace of mind. However, as much as these are forms of providing home security, there… Read more »

“Blame The Housing Shortage On Aging In Place Adults”

There is growing talk of an available housing shortage in this country because people are not moving from their current homes fast enough to meet what some people consider to be acceptable supply levels. There is no shortage of home. people are still buying and selling residences. Builders are still creating them. Investors are still buying… Read more »