Connecting With Clients, Strategic Partners & The Public

  • This elective class is designed for anyone who wants to take what they learned in the CAPS coursework and examine how you can apply it to serve more people, provide more services, make more money, or expand your influence
  • This is half-day, online, real-time, interactive, remote-learning course with live instruction and an opportunity to ask questions during the program
  • CE is provided for your CAPS designation, for NKBA members, or other organizations that allow self-reporting


In registering for this online class, I agree that Steve Hoffacker may record, take occasional screen shots, or use verbal or written comments I may provide to help document and share experiences with others interested in the classes.

Steve Hoffacker intends to conduct the classes as scheduled, but when forces beyond his control intervene, he reserves the right to reschedule those classes.


  • This half-day elective class of original material by Master CAPS Instructor Steve Hoffacker is designed to be taken by anyone who has taken any of the CPAS classes previously or already has their CAPS designation. It can be taken by non-CAPS professionals as well, but there are some references to the CAPS material.
  • This is being offered as a Zoom, real-time, interactive, live class with PowerPoint and is not pre-recorded.
  • This is not a required class but a continuing education course providing 4 hours for people who self-report their hours, The hours count for NAHB and NKBA designations.
  • The class was written to provide an answer to the question that many people have when they take the classes, or even as they are considering taking them, and that is how do you make money after you become a CAPS? Clearly anyone in construction can find projects to complete, but occupational and physical therapists, designers, social workers, consultants, and others who aren’t in construction or don’t offer a product for sale may be wondering how they can find enough work to justify a full-time commitment, if that is your desire. You can continue in your present role, but Steve will discuss many opportunities for creating a new venture that can be very profitable for you.
  • This class not limited to any particular occupation or country. Steve has had people attending the CAPS classes from several countries across North America, Central America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, nearly every state and province in the US and Canada, representing dozens of various occupations, including being retired.
  • The course identifies specific opportunities, pricing models, and marketing suggestions for starting or expanding an aging in place business, including creating strategic or referring relationships.

In order to keep the format of the classes interactive and to be able to answer everyone’s questions, class sizes will be kept small and registration may be closed once the optimal class size has been reached. There are several additional offerings of this class, however.