“Take Advantage Of The Springtime Energy”

While there’s never a shortage of people wanting to renovate their homes to reconfigure the space, update appliances or finishes, install a new floor, change out the lighting, redo their bathroom, or so many other items that we routinely do as part of our aging in place services, there are certain times of the year when it becomes more common. We are beginning such a time right now.

Springtime has officially arrived, and while it may not be shirtsleeve weather everyplace yet, people are thinking about opening up their homes to let in the great spring air to replace being closed up during the winter. They are thinking of spring cleaning and getting ready for a more active time of year from now until the weather turns cooler again in the fall.

One of the things that accompanies the arrival of spring is the list of home improvements that people want to make – that they’ve had all winter to think about and consider. Homes live differently when they are closed up for the cold weather than when they are open more for the warmer months. So, people have noticed things they want to do or have done as soon as the temperature turns nicer.

That’s why this is such a great time to reach out to people to see what items they have put on their “to do” list as far as making improvements to the inside of their homes – or getting patio, pool, outdoor kitchen, or other areas on the outside of their homes ready for the longer daylight hours and warmer spring and summer months.

There are many issues that may have come to light from spending so much time indoors over the winter – flooring, lighting (both natural and artificial), storage, appliances, bathroom fixtures, room sizes, passageways (including hallways and areas around doorways), insulation, heating, air flow, and electrical outlets, for instance.

Now, that people can have their homes open again (or soon will be able to do so in the very near future) – and before it gets so hot that air conditioning will mean closing them up again – they are more in the mood to consider necessary changes that they have been putting off plus those that have surfaced over the winter months.

This is a great time to take advantage of the renewed energy that people are displaying for cleaning, organizing, and generally making changes to their homes – whether these are elective changes that people want to make to improve their overall quality of life in their homes or ones that are necessary to accommodate access or safety concerns.

Depending on the services we offer or choose to provide, people are going to be needing and wanting changes in their from the ground up and from the outside in. This could include roofing, doors, windows, siding, guttering, drainage, sidewalks, drives, garages, basements, foundations, walls, hardware, and any room in the home. Some repairs and modifications are going to be more serious and immediate than others, but this should be a very active time of year.

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