“This Is A Great Time For Reflection And Adjustment”

The number of days remaining in 2016 are few. Soon, we will only be able to talk about 2016 in the past tense and not the present one. Before this year is gone, and while the events that have transpired over the past few weeks and months are still relatively fresh in our memory, we need to assess where we are, how we got here, and where we are going. 

This process is called reflection or evaluation. Reflections are interesting. A mirror provides a reflection, but it only reveals what we see. The mirror likely is reflecting what is in front of it constantly, but we are unaware of it unless we are standing where we can see what it shows. Similarly, a calm lake can reflect – with mirror-like precision – the scenery around it and even the clouds but only if we are there to appreciate it and only so long as it remains calm. If the water is disturbed, the quality of what it reflects suffers.

As we look back on where we have been over the past several months, we have to be still and really take it all in. A hasty review or a quick decision to continue doing as we have or to abruptly adjust our course may not be wise. After the proper reflection, we may decide that we want to make some changes in our business, in our direction, in our business model, in our pricing, or other aspects of what we offer, but that requires careful review and consideration and not a reflexive or impulsive response.

Just as we do when we look into a mirror, we need to stand squarely in front of our business and take a good look. This is not the time just to take a quick look to see if our hair is combed. This is the time to look for details. What do we see? What do we like? What seems out of place? What had we not noticed before that not seems apparent?

This is the type of reflection we need – a self-study. No one is requiring this of us. It’s something we want to do to be even better and more effective for the months ahead. If there is something missing that we notice as we look into our mirror, how do we add or fix it? If our image isn’t quite what we thought it was or as we imagined it to be, how can we begin to improve it?

Reflection is a great exercise that we should do periodically throughout the year, but as the year is drawing to a close and as our workload may be slowing a little with the holidays approaching, this seems the perfect time to carve out some time to take a good look at where we are – and where we want to be.

As we look into that mirror, are we seeing what we thought we would see, or do we need to tweak a few things? Is it time for a realignment her and there?

Reflection should be a positive time approached with the idea that we can improve and grow our business. Maybe it’s just a matter of recognizing all of the good things we already are doing and deciding how to continue doing them and to accent them in our marketing. Maybe there are some areas where we really do want to make some serious adjustments.

Let’s be objective, but let’s be kind to ourselves also. We made it this far. let’s figure out how to keep it going and to be as effective or even more so in the coming year.

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