“”ElliQ’ – The Active Aging Companion”

Technology is helping us provide aging in place services in ever-increasing, dramatic ways. This is an exciting time to be working with seniors – especially those living alone – because we have more ways to come alongside them and help them remain connected to the outside world and those who care about them. 

There are a couple of aging in place services available for seniors that help them stay connected with the world around them. The first one is more for people who don’t get out of their home on their own as much as they would like because they don’t drive or have the ability to get around on their own. Therefore, a concierge service helps get them to the doctor and other appointments, pick up groceries for them or takes them shopping, and arranges for and monitors work done in their home.

The second is a monitoring of their well-being by looking after them and keeping them linked to their social environment. Through scheduled activities they are reminded to do, healthy updates, and video conversations with friends and family, they can remain quite vibrant to help them counteract and overcome such issues as loneliness, forgetfulness, or lack of contact with the outside.

Meet “ElliQ” – a technology device which makes seniors feel special and one that communicates with them.

The implications for working with and helping seniors remain healthy and vibrant as they age in place are encouraging with devices like this. They keep them connected, remind them or recurring or important tasks, connect them to loved ones, entertain them, and keep them company. Companion devices like this will help people age in place well, and we should encourage people to get and use them.
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