“Weather Does Not Deter Our Online Aging In Place Classes”

Foggy mornings complicate our driving, as it’s much more difficult to see where we are going and other cars, potential road obstacles, and even the driving lanes. Clear, sunny days are much easier.

Foggy mornings are not are issue

Driving anywhere in the fog has plenty of challenges. We cannot see as well as we like, and things may not be totally visible to us. Rain and snow present similar issues.

The fog is tricky. We can still see somewhat, and it is light. It’s a little like a cataract condition or in looking at the world through dirty eyeglass lenses except that what we can see appears to be in focus.

Nevertheless, we have enough challenges in driving to the office or that early morning meeting or appointment without needing to deal with the fog also. It requires extra time and can be stressful. We tend to be a little more fatigued by the experience.

That said, our online CAPS classes eliminate any concern over driving in foggy or any other weather conditions. It no longer is a driving safety issue for us as we attend the CAPS classes.

Heavy rain or snow does not concern us

Whether it’s a driving rainstorm, a pesky drizzle (just enough to keep the windshield wipers busy), snow flurries, or a snowfall with accumulation, driving in precipitation presents safety issues for us. We might be able to handle it, but what about the other drivers? It is stressful!

The online CAPS (and similar) classes take weather out of the equation. We get up, do whatever else we need to do to get ready for the day, and then position ourselves in front of the computer to attend the classes – rather than drive to a location where the classes are being held.

Even if the snow or ice is so severe that it is not possible or feasible to leave our homes, it doesn’t matter. As long as we have an internet connection or a hotspot, we can attend the classes.

Clear, sunny weather is fine also

Clear, sunny days are fine for attending the classes. Some people like to take their phone or laptop outside and attend the classes on their patio.

The main takeaway is that with online classes, the weather outside is irrelevant to our online experience. There is no extra time to factor in for weather conditions or any concern about arriving at class somewhat stressed out from dealing with the weather, the traffic, and the drive, or locating the meeting place, finding a parking spot, and going inside to begin the session.

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