“Put A ‘CAPS’ Aging In Place Certification Under Your Tree”

At this time of year, we find many festively wrapped presents under the tree awaiting the moment when they are unwrapped and we find out what happy surprises were underneath that pretty paper and ribbon.

The season of giving

Children everywhere of all ages (this includes adults who are very young at heart) are expectantly awaiting the time (depending on their home and tradition) when they can open their holiday gifts. Some of those presents are going to be quite useful and anticipated – actually requested. Others are more practical and appreciated, if somewhat unexpected. Some are going to be complete surprises and will bring unexpected lasting happiness.

An aging in place remodel or consideration of some type may be one such gift. Perhaps people have been talking about doing something but haven’t reached the action stage yet. Maybe adult children have been thinking of that perfect gift for their parents and some safety improvements – from relatively simple to an entire bathroom makeover – are what is being wrapped up and given to them.

Aging in place safety modifications are perfect gifts for ourselves or loved ones at any time throughout the year, but we are especially mindful of how great a gift they can be during this holiday season.

Knowing what to give

As we try to determine what is a good solution to offer our own families or our parents (and then anyone else we want to impact), it helps to have a knowledge base. This is where the CAPS (Certified Aging In Place Specialist) certification makes a difference.

While the courses are complete for this year, there is a brand new calendar of course offerings for 2022. Looking for one near you? How about right in your home or office sitting in front of your computer? It really can’t be any more convenient to attend.

If you think that you have a schedule that is hard to predict, or you have childcare, pet-sitting, or caregiving responsibilities? Not an issue. You’ll find the courses are quite accommodating for you to attend, and many in your position have found that they could take the classes successfully this past year.

Don’t forget yourself

As we are buying gifts for everyone on our shopping list and anticipating how happy they are going to be when they open what we have given to them, let’s not overlook ourselves. In addition to anything else we might be requesting from others, or purchasing for ourselves, let’s not overlook a gift that can have lasting value in terms of being able to provide well for our families and loved ones and being able to contribute to the needs of tour marketplace.

Purchase a CAPS training package (3 classes – CAPS I, CAPS II, and CAPS III) that you can use this coming year. As soon as you can select the dates you want, go to the registration page and make the commitment (you can always adjust the dates as necessary later).

Enjoy this gift to yourself and the ones you be serving as a result of your newfound knowledge.

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