Steve Hoffacker, CAPS, because of his visibility and networking within the aging in place industry is able to provide connections with suppliers and offer several products and services to his students and colleagues with incentives or attractive pricing discounts, or otherwise put you in touch with providers of such equipment and services, as a compensated independent affiliated representative of those companies.

  • Age Safe America Membership

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  • Age Safe America Advisor Training Program

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  • Age Safe America "Senior Housing Safety Specialist" Program​ ("SHSS")

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  • VGM Homelink - Live At Home

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  • Invisia Bathroom Safety Products

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    This campaign is subject to change, and will run until at least July 2021.
  • Sugatsune Hardware and Cabinetry

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  • Tornado Body Dryer

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  • Health At Home

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  • Comfor Tek Seating

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  • DecoTeak

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  • LiquiGuard

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  • Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators

    Home Elevator Systems