Steve Hoffacker, CAPS, CEAC, SHSS, has been involved in some phase of housing for over four decades – as a sociologist, urban planner, researcher, new construction consultant, and aging in place specialist. He has seen first-hand what has gone into home construction in many markets around the country – in recent times and over past decades. He even has completed many construction projects on his own so he is familiar with many aspects of construction and home modifications.

Many details of a home make them troublesome or problematic for the people who live in them and for those who visit for dinner or dessert, cocktails, a party, discussion groups, card games, TV or movie watching, or just for conversation. Depending on the age of the home and where it is located, there may several concrete steps required to enter, a small entry landing or stoop, narrow hallways and doorways, cabinets and closets that are hard to access and use, limited lighting, windows that are small or too high, and tricky flooring. Electric service may be outdated or inadequate.

Safety, comfort, convenience, and accessibility are the four main factors that contribute to how enjoyable a living space is for the full-time occupants and their guests and visitors. These attributes are easily evaluated as part of a home assessment review, analysis, or observation.

As Steve performs his home assessment for you (for your personal home) or for your client (for a challenging residence you are working with), he may do it as a phone consultation through a series of questions he knows how to ask, he may ask you to email him a photo of the rooms or areas of the home in question, he may conduct a virtual tour of the property online, or he may physically visit the property (depending on where it is).

He also may connect you with professionals in your local market or from elsewhere who have the special skills to help you be successful and effective in creating solutions or working with your clients.

Steve is familiar with several evaluation checklists and evaluation forms, but mostly he relies on visual impressions and his decades of knowledge to form opinions of what may or may not be working effectively and how to approach rectifying or improving those conditions. He has extensive contacts in the United States, Canada, and internationally that can assist you in creating the solutions you seek as well.

While the human performance characteristics of the occupants of the living space are important in evaluating how that home environment provides for them, Steve also considers the physical aspects of the home and how they relate to its use.

Contact Steve for his expertise in working on your home or that of a client, for incorporating him into one of your projects, or for connecting with resources that help you create the solutions you require.

Allow Steve to be a strategic resource for you to evaluate your living environment, connect you with professionals who can assist in your renovation needs, or pair local professionals with your project to get it done for you.

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Testimonials on Steve’s Assessments & Advisor Role

“Keen insight to universal design and product variety to meet client need in diversity.” – Chuck Long, CAPS, Koremen Disability LLC, Louisville, Kentucky

“Steve is extremely knowledgeable on accessibility issues and concerns.” – Wendy Gold, CAPS, Owner, Amramp, Manalapan, New Jersey

“Steve is a very intelligent business consultant. He is on top of the latest trends and statutes concerning business policies and rules and restrictions. He is a great communicator and loves what he does.” – Randy Klotzman, Randy’s Refined Renovations, Delray Beach, Florida

“Steve has a wealth of information on products, services and design solutions that encompasses the needs of aging in place.” – Mary Harrell, CAPS, Interior Designer. Harrell Design Team, Burr Ridge, Illinois

“You won’t find any better in the home industry education arena regarding home modification training with his amount of experience. Steve’s classes and training are crisp and clear and highly functional directed towards today’s market.” – Lisle Hambrick, OTR/L, CAPS, All Access Forever Home & Garden, Buford, Georgia