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Please register and enroll me in the following CAPS designation classes at $300 per class for non-NAHB members and $275 per class for members of NAHB. All funds are USD.

All three classes are required for the designation unless you earned an MBA in the past 10 years or have any of these designations: AIA, ASID (full member), CBD, CCIM, CGA, CGB, CGP. CGR, CKD, CMKBD, CR, GMB, GMR, GRI, or MCGP. Then you need to take just CAPS I and CAPS II - for classes through October 31, 2017. After that, CAPS I, II, and III are required - no exemptions or exceptions. Call Steve at 561-685-5555 before registering if there is a question.

If registering for just one or two of the classes, mark "NA" in the boxes for "Date of Class" and leave the amount blank.

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