Beginning in 2007, Steve Hoffacker, CAPS, CEAC, SHSS, has conducted several hundred sets of the three-day “Certified Aging In Place Specialist” designation classes and has graduated several hundred professionals from the program as well from every state, most provinces, and several other countries. He typically offers more than 40 scheduled programs each year and has 42 in 2022, with another eight offerings of the companion “Universal Design Essentials” class this year also.

Here is some of the feedback received from various professionals who have attended the classes over the past twelve years:

Nurses, OTs, PTs, Other Medical Professionals & Senior Services

“I just completed the CAPS 3-day workshop facilitated by Steve and was extremely impressed with his level of expertise and facilitation skills. I’ve been in the training and education field for more than 20 years and very much appreciated Steve’s creative style and ability to impart complicated information in an easy-to-understand format. He has a very nice way of helping participants to feel comfortable, engage in the topic and, and interact in the class. Since my background and focus is healthcare and not construction or interior design, I was at first concerned that the topic would be out of my realm of expertise, but Steve helped me understand that being a CAPS professional focuses more on project management skills and being able to work with experts in various areas of the business. The field is really applicable to anyone who is interested in helping seniors live independently and safely. I highly recommend Steve for this workshop and as a consultant in this field.” — Lu Post, RN, MN, COS-C, CAPS, President, Home Care Institute, Atlanta, GA

“I recently took my CAPS course from Steve to help me expand my knowledge on home accessibility and aging in place. Not only is Steve an expert from the building side of home remodeling and accessibility, but he demonstrates an excellent understanding of the clients who would benefit from these design concepts. Further, he does an excellent job presenting the course information and providing visual examples to enhance the concepts he is presenting. Beyond his teaching ability, I was also impressed with his quick response time to any questions I had prior to or following my course. If you are looking for a CAPS course, I would highly recommend you make the trip to the Sunshine State and take it with Steve!” — Kristine Osmond, OTR/L, CAPS, Seattle, WA

“Steve has demonstrated great expertise in the fields of aging in place, green construction techniques, real estate trends and overall construction. He is a fantastic presenter!” — Charles Ricketson, OTR/L, CAPS, CEAC, Adaptable Designs For Life, Brandon, FL

“Steve is an excellent instructor, and it was a wonderful experience. His extensive knowledge of the subject matter is fabulous!” — Diane Ramirez, OTR/L, CAPS, Aventura, FL

“I was a student in Steve’s CAPS classes and found him to be a very knowledgeable and engaging instructor. He made the classes interesting and valuable. He is someone who is interested in the success of others and I feel will continue to be a resource to me well after the classes have been completed. In addition, his experience is extensive and varied and he is well connected with other professionals. I would highly recommend Steve as a resource to anyone in the aging in place or universal design fields.” — Stacey Kolenda, OTR/L, CAPS, Caption Call, Columbus, OH

“Thank you for the awesome opportunity to attend your CAPS course in CT. I was excited prior to taking it but it was truly life changing for me. It made me a more confident OT and really is the thing that set my future in motion. The info you gave us is such a fabulous blueprint for exactly how to start. I have been so lucky in meeting you and the other members of the class to get my next career step started.” — Sarah Lane OTR/L, CAPS, Clinton, CT

“Thank you so much for a great class!! You are one of the best presenters I have been educated by.” — Kim Metz OTR/L, CAPS, Genesis Health Care Corp. Vero Beach, FL

“As an occupational therapist I found your CAPS course to be most beneficial in my everyday job as a home health OT and for my side consulting business. I learned how to add valuable input as the medical professional with building professionals, designers, and clients. I also enjoyed the Universal Design/Build course, as it brought new insights into a variety of house case scenarios I would have previously missed. I have expanded my knowledge base and can provide needed education going forward.” — Rebecca Petticord OTR/L, CAPS, Chattanooga, TN

“I wanted to thank you for your terrific course on Aging in Place! I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to getting started.” — April Ibarra, MGS, National Sales Manager, Philips Healthcare, Cape Girardeau, MO

Interior Designers, Kitchen & Bath Designers & Architects

“When I signed up for the CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) course I figured that I’d learn a thing or two. I was wrong—I learned A LOT. Our instructor, Steve Hoffacker, dished out a huge amount of information in a seemingly effortless way that everyone in our class could understand, absorb, and retain. His teaching style uses pertinent visuals, personal examples, and engaging conversation. Steve makes learning an easy pleasure. Thanks, Steve.” — Maura Taft, ASID, CAPS, Maura Taft & Associates, Delray Beach, FL

“Thank you for a terrific class on Universal Design through the CAPS program! The class has great information with plenty of subject depth. I highly recommend your class instruction on the subject and attention to detail on this very important topic. As you know, I have a MS in Interior Design and call out this class as a must for anyone involved with CAPS!” — Michael T. Skaggs, MS, ASID, CAPS, Michael T. Skaggs Designs, Naples, FL

Non-Profit Organizations & Senior Services

“I was very impressed with the CAPS course that Mr. Hoffacker was teaching in October. I really enjoyed the class discussions, many relevant examples on the overhead, and I am enjoying his book “Universal Design and Aging.” I highly recommend this course and his skill at teaching. Well worth the trip from Ottawa, Canada.” — Roger P. Gervais, CAPS, Residential Counsellor, Ottawa Carleton Lifeskills Inc., Ottawa, ON, Canada

“I encourage anyone with an interest in Universal design to attend Steve Hoffacker’s Universal Design class. This will better prepare you to design new or existing homes for our ever-increasing aging population.” — Bill Coyan, CAPS, Housing Field Specialist, Area Aging on Aging, District 7, Jackson, OH

“I have been doing Aging in Place remodeling for almost 20 years and The training I received this year from Steve Hoffacker was insightful, professional and inventive. Steve brings his extensive experience to a subject that needs brought to the attention to not only the professional builders and occupational therapist but to the aging and disabled service providers and the aging public. His ability to get the aging message across goes beyond the professional builder and provider to those in the public that want to age in place in their own homes. Steve Hoffacker has my highest recommendation and respect as a professional in the Aging in Place industry.” — Joe Gage, CAPS, Housing Coordinator, Buckeye Hills-Hocking Valley Regional Development District, Beverly, OH

“Thank you for the CAPS I class today. I especially benefited from your added material and embellishments. You obviously have a lot of enthusiasm for your field.” — Merijane Lee, CAPS, Primary Apps, Portola Valley, CA

“As a gerontology student working toward my Master’s Degree in the field, Steve was my instructor for the CAPS course. The course was very effective at introducing concepts connected with Aging in Place, at examining problems that seniors and their caregivers are likely to encounter in keeping up a home, and providing an array of sensible solutions. The approach is comprehensive, “universal design” as a baseline, with effective ideas for meeting the senior’s specific spectrum of needs for safety and convenience and comfort. CAPS II was most germane for me, but all of them were useful in their own way and coupled with Steve’s straightforward and knowledgeable presentation, the whole experience was interesting and very useful.” — Jim Gordon, CAPS, Master’s Student, New Paltz, NY

Custom Builders, Remodelers, Remodeling Contractors & Handymen

“Steve provided valuable insight on applying CAPS training into opportunities that generate revenue and serve our aging population!!! Thank you, Steve.”  – Doug Rowe CAPS, Brady Senior Home Solutions, Granville, Ohio

“It was a real pleasure to have Steve as the instructor for the three CAPS classes I took recently. Steve makes every area of instruction fun and interesting. He has a way of making his classes much more like a conversation than an actual instructor. I wish I had had more instructors like Steve when in college – I would have paid much closer attention! If you have the opportunity to attend one of Steve’s classes, grab it.” — Don Malone, CAPS, Remodeling Contractor/Builder, Pt. St. Lucie, FL

“Two-days training is a long period of time compared to other one-day courses. Steve is the best instructor. He doesn’t stick with the book, pretty creative in those slides. He also gave out a lot of good information that related to the subject. I would love to have other courses with this instructor.” — Tracy Delzell, CAPS, CGP, Tramco Builders LLC, Custom Builder, Porter, TX

“Steve’s presentation on ‘Universal Design’ was very well delivered with lots of great ideas. I have already incorporated several solutions into projects and my customers really appreciate the functionality without sacrificing aesthetics.” — Tim Cote, CAPS, GMB, General Manager at Home 4 Life Building & Remodeling, Williamsburg, VA

“Enjoyed my learning session with Steve in sunny south Florida. His knowledge of Universal Design/Build is excellent. I recommend him highly and appreciated all the background information and pictures he used to help teach the course. Most impressed with UD concepts that are simple and easy to integrate into our current floor plans. ” — David Radford, CGB, GMB, Project Manager, David Frank Homes, Roanoke, VA

“I really enjoyed the CAPS class this past week. The teachings gave me a new understanding of visitability and universal design that I think I now understand and can utilize to everyone’s advantage.” — Elaine Deremer Cook PE, PMP, CEAC, CAPS, President of HandyPro of the SpaceCoast, Merritt Island, FL

“I completed the three CAPS classes with Steve Hoffacker and enjoyed the presentation of the material in an open and fun atmosphere. I highly recommend Steve as an instructor.” — Jeff White, CAPS, General Contractor, Mims, FL

“I wanted to thank you for the past three days of instruction and knowledge building in the field of Aging-in-Place. You are definitely a great teacher and your knowledge and experience really helped me understand a lot more than I was expecting to learn on this course. I will definitely recommend this course to others. Looking forward to attending another one of your course’s soon. Again, a great learning experience!” — Frank Torrelli, CAPS, Torrelli Homes, Remodeling Contractor, Mississauga, ON, Canada

“Thanks again a lot Steve. It was a great class and I really appreciate all your help.” — Mahesh Gajjala, CAPS, GMB, President, Chasdin Builders, Plano, TX

“Just a quick note to thank you for the great CAPS class last week in St. Louis. The information was good but your passion for the material really brought it to life. Thank you for being an advocate for aging in place people across the United States. Your voice is being heard. ” — Steve Van Fossen, CAPS, Koreman LLC, Indianapolis, IN

“Steve is an excellent instructor. He conveys difficult ideas and topics in a simple and straightforward manner. A++.” — Charlie Etgen, CAPS, One Day Bath, Bangor, PA

Building Material Suppliers & Manufacturers

“When I need expert advice on Aging in Place, Steve is always going to be my 1st resource for information.” — Tom Winters, CAPS, CGP, Vice President National Accounts, PlyGem Industries, Canton, GA

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciated and enjoyed your CAPS I, II, III classes I participated in recently. The information you shared and the ‘real-life’ situations you presented helped me see Aging in Place in a whole new light. I hope to use this valuable information to assist others with the challenges they face and to make their lives easier. Thanks, Steve!” — Mark Rowlett, CAPS, Tom Winters, AIP Consultant, retired National Sales Manager, Coastal Industries (Shower Doors), Jacksonville Beach, FL

“Hi, Steve. Just wanted to tell you that I read many of the articles that you post.  Thanks for being such a great resource!” — Jason Saint Amant CAPS, Sales Manager, HealthCraft Products Inc & Invisia Collection, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Real Estate Sales Professionals

“You are a terrific instructor with a unique blend of facts, examples and antidotes!” — Wayne Martin, Broker, Naples, FL

“A fabulous experience that will truly help me further my transitional career.” — Nikki Kreymer, Investor, Palm Coast, FL

Other Industry Professionals

“Thanks so much, Steve. I thoroughly enjoyed your classes!”— Carron Webb, CAPS, Accountant, James D. Webb Consulting, LLC, Stockton, AL

Random Unattributed Comments From Course Evaluation Sheets

  •   “Excellent course and extremely valuable”
  •   “Great course, excellent instructor. Thanks!”
  •   “Great subject matter. Steve is awesome”
  •   “Wonderful class!”
  •   “Excellent! The instructor has great expertise in the subject”
  •   “Mr. Steve Hoffacker was a great instructor!”
  •   “It was amazingly helpful!!!”
  •   “Good interaction – very good subject matter”
  •   “I appreciated the interaction and information beyond the book”
  •   “Amazing teacher, would be powerful for virtual course as his personal teaching style works for all learning styles”
  •   “Great course, fantastic speaker. Learned a lot and loved the class”
  •   “Steve was an excellent instructor”
  •   “Good pace and insightful discussion”
  •   “Great instructor, very passionate and knowledgeable on subject matter”
  •   “Loved the interaction in the class. Steve was excellent”
  •   “Well organized and presented by very experienced teacher (Steve)”
  •   “He (Steve) demonstrated knowledge and expertise through thoughtful presentation and response to questions posed”
  •   “Steve is a great presenter”