Steve Hoffacker, CAPS, CEAC, SHSS, produces a variety of informational and instructional videos for aging in place, universal design, and residential remodeling that are posted on YouTube for remodelers, general contractors, renovators, occupational therapists, physical therapists, DME suppliers, nurses and other health care providers, social service agencies, local and regional governments, non-profit agencies, support groups, university faculty, architects, interior designers, kitchen and bath designers, building materials suppliers and manufacturers, and other providers of home modifications and solutions. Some of the videos address both aging-in-place and universal design. Some address just one or the other topic. Prominent themes are safety, accessibility, visibility, independent living, comfort, remaining at home, and functional design.

Characteristic of Steve’s videos, these episodes may be somewhat humorous, hard-hitting, myth-busting, insightful, instructional, or motivational.

The selection of messages shown below are free videos — in short formats (usually under 3 minutes and often just a minute or so) to give you:

  • information to help you understand aging in place, universal design, or accessibility concepts
  • ideas you can use right now to build your service or construction business
  • examples of what Steve teaches and promotes in his books and his CAPS and other designation courses
  • techniques that are not limited to just one occupation or type of business

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  • Builders, Contractors & Remodelers

    • "Staying Put & Aging-In-Place"

    • "The Popularity Of Aging-In-Place"

    • "So, You Are Considering Becoming A CAPS?"

    • "Accessibility Is Just Good Design'"

    • Invitation To Get Your CAPS Designation

    • Steve's Book "Universal Design & Aging"

    • "October Is Physical Therapy Month"

    • "CAPS Classes At Schwarzmann Cabinets"

    • Steve's "Common Sense Universal Design"

    • Steve's Book "Universal Design For Builders"

    • "Who's Part Of The Aging-In-Place Market?"

    • "The Importance Of Home Safety For AIP"