Steve Hoffacker, CAPS, CEAC, SHSS, has provided the two-day “Universal Design/Build” course several times a year in West Palm Beach, Florida and other locations in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast the past several years. It has been offered in conjunction with the three-day CAPS classes, and as a standalone program. However, the course has run its term and no longer is being offered.

As a result, Steve Hoffacker will no longer instruct this class as it carries no CEUs for anyone other than a person with an NAHB designation. OTs, PTs, Interior Designers, Architects, and others who benefitted from this course offering in the past are specifically excluded from the new course offering,. Therefore, Steve will not be teaching it. Instead, he will be providing an alternate program to include those professions that are excluded by the new course offering. Stay tuned for additional details as they are released.