The Beginning Of Summer & Aging In Place

Welcome to the official beginning of summer and all of the great memories that await us, but it’s not too soon to plan for the fall (with coursework) and the work we want to be ready to do.

The seasons are changing

As we age in place and enjoy life where we are, we take note at least four times each year of how the seasons and the weather are changing. Depending on where we live and how much of a change there is between seasons, today may be more or less dramatic than it is for others.

Nevertheless, summer has officially begun. For some, summer unofficially began on Memorial Day. For others, it’s seemed like summer, at least temperature-wise, for several weeks. For others, summerlike conditions haven’t fully arrived yet. The same is true of other seasons throughout the year when they arrive.

Regardless, welcome to summer – that warm (sometimes hot), often lazier, outdoor activity-oriented, and lighter wardrobe season that continues until fall arrives.

Summer is a great time for home updates

During the summer months, we have time to focus on our homes and how we might make some simple (or even more robust) home modifications and improvements to help us age in place more comfortably and successfully – especially into the fall and winter seasons when we tend to stay home and indoors more. We have a similar opportunity to work with our clients in this way.

We have a couple of choices when it comes to making home modifications – do them ourselves (which many of have done in the past, particularly when we were younger), get friends or relatives to help, or hire the work done. Sometimes we might be the ones doing the work for others.

Pulling back the curtain

In the movie The Wizard of Oz, you might recall when the curtain was pulled back and we got an inside look into how things were being run, So it is also with aging in place improvements. We can learn how to engage potential clients who need help with their homes, how to connect with and engage community organizations and professionals who can use our help, and most importantly, what we can offer the public to help them stay in their homes effectively as the years pass.

Need some additional insights? We have a full slate of educational offerings – this summer and through the balance of 2024. Earn your Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) designation, investigate universal design, hear from industry leaders about topics of interest, learn how to grow your business if you already have completed your CAPS, learn how to help people create auxiliary living space for their loved ones, or help people utilize convenient transition features in their homes.

These courses will help you go behind the curtain to obtain a special perspective on how to help people this summer utilize their homes more effectively and age in place more enjoyably.

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