CAPS for Mobility Equipment Specialist

Steve Hoffacker Is Your CAPS Instructor For Assistive Technology

Steve Hoffacker CAPS CEAC SHSS, has a long history of working with Durable Medical Equipment retailers and suppliers (in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom), and Mobility Equipment Specialists and Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP) across the United States and Canada.

His classes have had representatives from New England Assistive Technology (NEAT), Lifeway Mobility, Collins Medical, Atlantic Healthcare, National Seating & Mobility, EZ-Access, Next Day Access, Harmar, Mobility Works, 101 Mobility, Amramp, Mobility Plus, Stannah, and other lift, elevator, and equipment companies.

In addition to helping people navigate their own living spaces safer and more easily, adding assistive devices to the home and learning about the changing needs of people as they get older helps everyone to accommodate their visiting family members, guests, and visitors. Providing mobility assistance for others(visitability) is as much a part of the equation as addressing the needs of the primary occupants of a residence.

The CAPS classes look at many aspects of creating safe, comfortable, accessible, and convenient treatments for people to enjoy their living spaces, and representatives of the mobility and assistive equipment products will appreciate how their efforts contribute to an overall strategy of keeping people safely in their homes over time – even with mobility limitations or concerns.

Adding grab bars and ramps to a dwelling is consistently among the most cited improvements that people make or want to make to their homes – even without a specific immediate need. As the need is there, it’s even more important that such devices be included in their homes, and you have an instrumental role to play in making this happen.

People now have the advantage of selecting something more aesthetically pleasing to themselves and neighbors in an assistive device if that is their desire, but a standard design and finish is always popular.

Welcome to the Certified Aging In Place Specialists (CAPS) program. Join your industry colleagues who already have taken this step to become certified. Probably more than in any other type of renovation or addition, providing assistive equipment for someone is an area where they request to have a CAPS professional to do the work.

Testimonials from DME & Mobility Equipment Specialists

“Wanted to let you know that your CAPS Class has helped me. I appreciate all the advice and tips. I received a call from a Case Manager of an Insurance Company asking me if I was CAPS Certified as she needed someone who is to help her Client. I told her, YES, and she gave me the Case. I have been able to work with her client in keeping him at home. Thanks again for all your help.” – Deb Vanlandingham, CAPS, Area Manager, Amramp, Port Richey, Florida

“I recently took CAPS I, II, and III and was so impressed with the courses and Steve Hoffacker as an instructor. He was excellent. The course material was relevant to my needs and Steve has a lifetime of knowledge and resources that can’t be matched. His class is interactive and flows very well. I recommend anyone who wants this type of information to take Steve’s courses. He is great! His classes are a great value for the money.” Caroline Sullivan, CAPS, Franchise Owner, Amramp of South Florida, Coral Springs, Florida”

“I attended a recent 3-day Aging In Place training seminar that was extremely eye-opening and educational. Steve does an excellent job going from topic-to-topic, making complex problems seem very easy to understand. He gives ample time during chapters to get lunch and stretch your legs, so it doesn’t feel like you’re “stuck in a classroom” for 8 hours. I’ve already applied many lessons that I’ve learned from the seminar into the business I work for. My only regret is that I did not sign up for one of these classes sooner.” – Andrew Celani, CAPS, Mobility Equipment Recyclers of New England, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

“Steve’s CAPS courses, the first ones offered online, were excellent! The content was solid, and he effectively leveraged Zoom to help all 26 students stay engaged and interested. The experiences that he shares during the class are invaluable. Highly recommended!” – Steve Ziembiec, CAPS, Owner, Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Steve was a great instructor. No offense to anyone, but I didn’t have high expectations going into this, but I was pleasantly surprised about how much I ended up learning. Much of this information would be useful even for people who aren’t even in the industry. He was very knowledgeable about the topic, which has many different facets. He has kept up-to-date with all the new products/services available for aging in place. The class discussions were helpful as he was able to use the expertise of each student (PT’s, OT’s, DME suppliers, real estate agents, etc.) to facilitate the training process. Each participant was able to contribute relevant information from their respective field. I think the experience was worth it for me from a professional standpoint, but also from a day-to-day perspective. Thanks again.” – Jon Hepburn, CAPS, Amramp, Quincy, Massachusetts