CAPS Certifications for Interior Designers

Steve Hoffacker Is Your Design-Focused CAPS Instructor

Steve Hoffacker CAPS CEAC SHSS has a long association with designers – interior designers, kitchen and bath designers, structural engineers, architects, and architectural designers – and has had the pleasure of having many professionals with your background and experience attend and participate in the CAPS and Universal Design classes he has been teaching the past fourteen years.

The unique experience and viewpoint of the designer (collectively as a kitchen and bath designer, interior designer, building designer, architect, or specifier) enable you to understand how people use the areas in their home and especially their kitchen and bathroom space.

Of course, the way people generally navigate and use their home is quite important – moving about from room-to-room or space-to-space in the case of more open floor plans, using passageways and doorways, and taking into account the general considerations of lighting, flooring, furniture, cabinetry, fixtures, controls and switches, and other elements that comprise a person’s living space.

Designers, across all price points, architectural styles, ages of homes, and geographic locations, are well-versed in analyzing what they see when they arrive at a home and open the front door (in-person or by looking at a floor plan or rendering) and suggesting modifications to enhance the lifestyle, mobility, accessibility, navigation, comfort, convenience, and overall safety of their clients.

Whether the home is newly constructed, a few years old, built within the last couple of decades, a mid-century home, or one built much earlier (in the 1800s or before), there likely are issues with how the home is designed and equipped for the needs of the occupants and those who visit that home on an occasional basis. Of course, any home becomes more challenging as people age.

This is where the CAPS perspective and training becomes important

Many professional specialties may have a say in how to define a living space well so that it accommodates the lifestyle needs of the occupants to keep it relatively safe and easy for them to use it. Certainly, OTs, PTs, and other health care professionals are well-versed in addressing this, but so are designers.

By looking at and commenting on spatial relationship within a room and between rooms – open or closed floor plans, lighting, colors, flooring, and furnishings, a designer can impact how well the client can live in their home long-term through their observations and recommendations.

Come join our group of Certified Aging In Place Specialists to gain a little greater insight into how people use their home as they age, some of the sensory and mobility changes that occur, and to have a more significant impact in the lives of your clients. Learn to connect and interact with related professionals as well to create a more synergistic solution for your clients and the marketplace in general.

Steve Hoffacker is a member of NKBA (with the Living In Place, Lighting, Floor Plans & Specifications, and Sales & Marketing badges) and an Approved CE Provider. Find a class that Steve is teaching to work with someone who is a part of your profession.

Testimonials from Designers

“I was lucky enough to be among the first group of students to be trained by Steve in CAPS I, II and III remotely. It is not easy to teach online without face to face contact with your students, but he managed it magnificently. the training was excellent, and I am proud to be able to say that thanks to him I am now an “Ageing in Place” residential design specialist.” – Susie Rumbold, CAPS, Creative Director, Tessuto Interiors Ltd., Fulham, London, United Kingdom

I just completed CAPS I, II, & III with Steve on virtual classes. It was wonderful to be able to take these classes from Steve for this certification. He was knowledgeable, helpful and a great communicator. I highly recommend Steve. Don’t miss out on his classes! – Becky Charles, CAPS, Beckwith Branch Designs, Mooresville, North Carolina

“I’m surprised to say there wasn’t a dull moment in this class—and that’s because Steve infuses the discussion with so much passion. He cares deeply about helping people live safely and independently in their own homes, and he very adeptly relates every technical aspect of this course back to that larger goal that we all share. I learned a ton in this class about interior design and about working with aging-in-place clients and other consultants. And for a three-day class the time passed so quickly! And that’s because Steve is so friendly, enjoyable to listen to, and does a great job engaging the whole class in learning-focused discussion. I couldn’t recommend Steve more highly.”  – Mike Berkey, CAPS, Berkey Engineering, Chicago, Illinois

“When I signed up for the CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) course I figured that I’d learn a thing or two. I was wrong—I learned A LOT. Steve Hoffacker, dished out a huge amount of information in a seemingly effortless way that everyone in our class could understand, absorb, and retain. His teaching style uses pertinent visuals, personal examples, and engaging conversation. Steve makes learning an easy pleasure.” – Maura Taft, ASID, CAPS, Maura Taft & Associates, Delray Beach, Florida

“I took the CAPS Classes with Steve Hoffacker, and as an interior designer I was very impressed with what I learned to be able to help people of all ages live the best lives possible for a long time – highly recommend Steve as an instructor.” – Sonya Allen, CAPS, Sonya Allen Interiors, Pittsford, New York

“Steve is an excellent instructor and the three-day CAPS I, II, and III courses were worth every minute. His domain of the information and language to communicate was effective to gain the knowledge we required. He inspired us all to participate and share information. He went out of his way to give more than what the books contained making this class very inspirational, as well as adding new insights to career opportunities. I strongly recommend Steve with his experience and knowledge of aging in place.” – Alexandra Thorsberg, CAPS, Architect and Interior Designer, Washington, District of Columbia