Online CAPS & Aging in Places Classes

Online CAPS & Aging in Place Class Live

In a move that many consider long overdue, and in direct response to the Covid-19 outbreak that precipitated a major rethinking of how we gather in public and participate in group meetings, Steve Hoffacker has begun teaching the three days of the Certified Aging In Place Specialist courses online. The virtual format, taught in much the same way as the in-person face-to-face format, leads to the CAPS designation in the same way as the classroom delivered ones.

In both cases, classroom and online, the classes are live – not recorded. All have a basic format of material but are tailored to the backgrounds and needs of those in attendance. There are plenty of opportunities for asking questions, sharing information with other participants, and exploring topics of interest beyond the confines of the course material.

In the first of its kind online presentation in April, Steve had 27 participants from Washington State and DC, California, Ohio, New Jersey, Tennessee, Colorado, Wisconsin, Virginia, Georgia, the Carolinas, Florida, and the United Kingdom, and other locations. In the next few months, several Canadian participants and ones from other locations across the US will be part of the classes.

Steve has taken his ability to share product knowledge and insights from construction and remodeling, human performance characteristics from an occupational therapy and sociological perspective, universal design and visit-ability concepts, and sales and marketing techniques and strategies to make the classes extremely meaningful, worthwhile, and practical for those attending. Classroom or online has the same level of delivery, and the online actually has more versatility in exploring the material.

This is not your typical webinar where you can just sit there and watch TV, surf the web, read a book, or do other things while supposedly attending the class. Some classes are admittedly dry in their delivery styles. Compare that to Steve’s programs which in many respects are even more interactive than the in-person classes. Steve brings his years of real-world experience and dozens of photos to illustrate the principles being discussed.

Real-time questions and comments – even rapid-fire ones – are encouraged. This is a class in the truest sense, and with the online annotation features, Steve, and anyone else who desires to do so, is able to draw on and illustrate some of the material on the slides for enhanced learning.

For the next three months – May, June, and July 2020 – at a minimum, Steve is offering 9 sets of such three-day classes, and perhaps many more of them. Check the CAPS schedule which reflects the online offerings rather than the cities where the classes were initially scheduled.

Take advantage of the online instruction where there is no commuting, arranging for lunches or separate childcare (they can attend with you) or pet services, paying for lodging or transportation, or being away from home. Also, arrive at the last minute and leave the moment instruction is completed – and you’re already home. No masks are required, and social distancing is built in. No jet lag either.

Plus, when each class is completed, you get to download your completion certificate on the spot, and within a couple of days, you can apply for your formal graduation – shaving weeks off the customary process.

Check this post for even more information on the courses.

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See what people have to say about our online CAPS coursework:

“Steve’s CAPS courses, the first ones offered online, were excellent! The content was solid, and he effectively leveraged Zoom to help all 26 students stay engaged and interested. The experiences that he shares during the class are invaluable. Highly recommended!” – Steve Ziembiec, CAPS, Mobility Consultant, Mobility Plus of Greater Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“I was lucky enough to be among the first group of students to be trained by Steve in CAPS I, II, and III remotely. It is not easy to teach online without face to face contact with your students, but he managed it magnificently. the training was excellent, and I am proud to be able to say that thanks to him I am now an “Ageing in Place” residential design specialist.” – Susie Rumbold, CAPS, Creative Director, Tessuto Interiors Ltd., London, United Kingdom

“Steve is an excellent teacher and gives you the tools to immediately apply the knowledge he provides. Upon completion of the class, not only are you more knowledgeable in home modification and design for aging in place, but you also have a blueprint to implement the strategies. The class was amazing.” – Brandy Golden, PT, CSRS, CAC-CT, CAPS, Asheville, North Carolina

“Greatly appreciate the time spent with the CAPS courses last three days.  You have an amazing amount of patience and flexibility with adult students.” – Dave LeVan, OTR/L, CSRS, CAPS, Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy, Gannon University, Erie, Pennsylvania

“Thank you for an outstanding CAPS training. I’m so thankful it was offered online. You are an exceptional instructor and I look forward to utilizing the skills learned in the course. I loved that you took the time to engage all the participants and that you are still interested in learning from all of us. Your open-mindedness was refreshing and inspiring. Thank you again!!” – Rachel Whitney, CAPS, Founder/Executive Director, AgeWise, Richland, Washington

“I just want to let you know how thoroughly Wendy and I enjoyed your class.  I thought the class interaction was amazing and a great experience.  We have avoided taking the classes for many years because of the time commitment of traveling and being away for 3 to 5 days.  So, this was a great and easy way of accomplishing something we really wanted to do.” – Marty Gold, CAPS, Amramp of Central and Southern New Jersey, Manalapan, New Jersey

“I really enjoyed the class last week. Thank you for pushing to have the class moved to an online format! Now that I have gone through the training, I am excited to spread the news that I am CAPS trained.” – Calvin Wright, CAPS, Residential Designer, Calvin Wright Design Works, Greenville, South Carolina

“I enjoyed Steve’s CAPS classes. He is a wealth of knowledge and application for aging in place. During his presentations, Steve provides information in an exciting and understandable format.” – Benesia Magill, OTR/L, CAPS, Prospect, Kentucky

“Great classes. Good reinforcement of knowledge-base Steve Van Fossen has been sharing and great new information and resources for moving forward. Thanks for all your help!– Chuck Long, CAPS, CEAC, Koreman Disability LLC, Louisville, Kentucky

“Sound advisor and instructor with an expansive base of knowledge.” – Gregg MacDougall, CAPS, Gregg Home Services, Annapolis, Maryland

“Need to take his Online Class.” – Dawn Hoppe, Dawn Hoppe K9, Deland, Florida

“Steve is a walking encyclopedia of every aspect needed to become a certified aging in place specialist. His classes are lively, informative, and relevant. He also consults with builders, clients, and fledgling CAPS specialists.” – Marian Berman, CAPS, Arbiter of Good Taste, Woodstock, Maryland

“I just completed CAPS I, II, & III with Steve on virtual classes. It was wonderful to be able to take these classes from Steve for this certification. He was knowledgeable, helpful, and a great communicator. I highly recommend Steve. Don’t miss out on his classes!” – Becky Charles, CAPS, Interior Designer, Mooresville, North Carolina

“I attended all three of Steve’s CAP classes, and I give him my highest recommendation as a great instructor. He is so very knowledgeable, clear to understand, and patient. Anyone wanting to become a CAPS should take Steve’s classes. I give him Five Gold Stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” – L.J. Rohan, GCG, CAPS, Gerontologist, Dallas, Texas

“Thank you for your class. I really enjoyed the course found all the information very valuable and think the online format worked very well.” – John Kruse, CAPS, Vice-President, Sea-Dar Construction, Boston, Massachusetts

“I love the online option for all of the reasons Steve listed and I hope this is an option in the future. The cost and planning of travel is the reason I delayed obtaining my certification for such a long time. This course was the best decision I made this year, so please enjoy Steve’s expertise from the comfort of your home. Be safe.” – Florence Macauley, ECHM, CAPS, PTA, CEAS, CCI, CDP, Founder/Owner, AgeWise Home, Washington, District of Columbia

“I just want to thank you for a great class. I feel well informed and believe I have some groundwork and understanding about my future endeavors in this field. You’re a great teacher and I’m so impressed that a fellow Sociologist has been so successful in this field! I hope to keep in touch and will look you up on social media as advised.” – Suzanne Fowler, CAPS, Orlando, Florida