Steve Hoffacker Is The OT-Friendly CAPS Instructor

occupational therapist working on patientSteve Hoffacker CAPS CEAC SHSS has been teaching the CAPS program for more than thirteen years and believes that occupational therapists (OTs and COTAs) are the lynchpin of home modifications associated with the CAPS program and people being able to remain in their chosen home indefinitely.

As an OT, you connect in a special way with clients who have medical needs (progressive based conditions or traumatic change needs) as well as those without urgent medical needs who are beginning to experience some mobility, sensory or cognitive issues due to the aging process or a previous injury – and even those with no apparent limitations affecting them. You understand the ADLs and work toward creating a home environment that will be safe, comfortable, convenient, and accessible for your clients – regardless of the age, the condition of their home, or what they are experiencing physically or emotionally. You allow people to age in place where they are in an effective way because you understand the process.

The CAPS courses (all three of them) include frequent mentions of OTs in the texts, but Steve is the only CAPS Instructor who understands the definitive role that OTs play in the aging in place process and develops this understanding in his classroom discussions. You will hear various mentions of OTs with other instructors but not the emphasis or knowledge that you get with Steve. You won’t need to explain the role of the OT or what OT means – he gets it!

Just as there would not be the amount of interest in aging in place if not for the Baby Boomers, there could not be the focus on creating effective assessments and solutions without the OTs being involved. Contractors, designers, architects, building designers, interior designers, kitchen and bath designers, suppliers, assistive technology professionals, consultants, non-profits, and equipment and mobility specialists are all important in creating solutions and implementing them, but as far as understanding the aging process, dealing with it, and relating to the clients we want to serve, OTs are on the front lines.

Steve Hoffacker is an Associate Member of AOTA, and if you are an OT who wants to take your CAPS class experience with someone who understands your profession and the work you do to impact the home environments of your clients, find a class that Steve is teaching.

Testimonials from OTs and COTAs

“Looking forward to 3 days of new learning and networking! And I’m very interested to meet someone that knows about OT! That’s refreshing!” – Amy DePoy OTR/L, CAPS, Rockingham, Virginia

“Steve provides excellent instruction for the NAHB Aging in Place course. His knowledge is limitless for all aspects of home modification. He’s also tech-savvy. Additionally, the course was interesting and engaging. I would recommend anyone interested in AIP to sign up for Steve’s offerings. You will be glad you did!” – Bridget Pettiford OTR/L, CAPS, Clarksville, Maryland

“Steve is a wonderful instructor and has a great way of breaking down the material and explaining everyone’s role in a CAPS relationship. I have completed many Home Evaluations for my clients over the years but given the information gained from Steve’s CAPS course, I feel more confident in making the right decisions to assist my clients to remain in their homes for as long as possible. I highly recommend taking the CAPS course with Steve as your instructor. He has a great understanding of Occupational Therapy, our role, and the value that we add.” – Vicky York, OTR/L, CAPS, Malta, Ohio

“Thank you very much Steve for this class. I learned so much and now can give better advice and recommendations as I do my home visits.” – Sosena Desta, PT, CAPS, Washington, District of Columbia

“Steve was incredibly professional and keen of all us students who took his recent CAPS course in West Palm Beach, FL. He was perceptive of providing a universal language to us, of whom came from different work industry backgrounds. I am impressed by his breadth and depth of knowledge, as well as the application of this knowledge as an urban planner, real estate broker, and instructor. As an occupational therapist, I admire his passion to teach others how to advocate for and provide services for the aging-in-place movement.” –  Melissa Prudencio OTD, OTR/L, CAPS, Jacksonville, Florida

“I recently received my CAPS certification with Steve. He did a wonderful job presenting the material and with keeping everyone engaged. I learned great skills from him that I can apply to my career as an occupational therapist modifying homes for individuals who wish to age in place. I absolutely recommend his classes for anyone interested in this certification!” – Alesia Hawking OTR/L, CAPS, St. Petersburg, Florida

“Steve is the guru of Aging In Place Specialists! I learned so much from his CAPS classes and am excited to put the knowledge to use working as an Occupational Therapist!” – Mindy Alexander, OTR/L, CAPS, Candler, North Carolina

“Steve was an outstanding instructor in the CAPS class this weekend and I would highly recommend him when obtaining your CAPS certification. I learned so much with this class and had an immediate application to what I learned. Thank you, Steve, for all of your hard work!” – Jennifer Galloway PT, CAPS, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

“Steve Hoffacker is expert at teaching Aging in Place! His style is easy to attend to and his knowledge base is off the chart. It’s very obvious that he has spent many years researching the latest and greatest in remodeling and safety products to be able to pass along the best of the best current information and recommendations to his students. Steve is a terrific support during and after the course. I plan to attend his Universal Design course to once again learn from the best!!” – Janet Doody, OTR/L, CAPS, Redford, Michigan

“I was fortunate to have Steve as an instructor for the CAPS course in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2013, then for the Universal Design-Build course in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2016. Steve is a fantastic teacher with a wealth of knowledge in every area of construction and marketing skills. Steve also has a vast network from teaching all over the states! The information I gained from his courses has had a direct positive impact on my day to day work skills as an occupational therapist, consultant, and entrepreneur.” – Rebecca Dunston, OTR/L. CAPS, Chattanooga, Tennessee