“Aging In Place Is The Answer To Many New Year Resolutions”

Many people make one or more resolutions for the new year (on a variety of topics), and they generally are fleeting, but aging in place solutions is one resolution that we can help people keep.

Most New Year resolutions don’t survive

We ended 2021 with great intentions of what we wanted to do in 2022 to get the new year started strong. We had a momentary blank slate. We had big plans, but getting started to put them into action is where many new year resolutions fail.

One resolution that can become a reality, however, is creating a safer living environment in our own homes and those in the community where we can make an impact.

This is different from the personal modification strategies – becoming more fit, losing weight, developing a new routine, and others that often require a commitment of time and the willingness to change habits or be a little uncomfortable temporarily. Here, we are making a physical, safety difference in the homes of ourselves, our loved ones, and members of the community.

Being the catalyst for change

Whether someone actually had a new year resolution to unclutter their home or make it safer to be in, most people are experiencing such issues. Maybe they have not formally identified the need to make some changes in their homes, but most likely they would appreciate them and would benefit from the safety they could provide.

While people may not have added a safer or easier to navigate home to their list of resolutions for 2022, it likely is a concern they have. So, we can help them with two things. We can help them keep a new year resolution to themselves and their family (even if it wasn’t an official one), and we can make their home safer to be in over the coming years.

We can offer people the solutions they seek that they may be unaware of or haven’t actively been pursuing – they just know that they would like their home to live better than it does currently.

Getting to work

The reason most new year resolutions fail is because they are never executed or acted upon. Stating something that one would like to have happen is the first step, but if it ends with that, nothing is achieved. That’s we can help.

We can work with our families, neighbors, and members of our community to help them achieve safer and more serviceable homes for 2022 and beyond. We can start small and more over time, but the important thing is to get started. They may have the desire, but we furnish the know-how and the ability to make it happen.

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