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“Aging In Place Is Multi-Generational”

We think of aging in place as something that is geared toward or defined by the seniors, but even the term seniors is something that is not easily defined. That’s because the term seniors does not have a clear expression of who is and who is not included in the category. We can be sure… Read more »

“Accessability Is So Much More Than Getting Into The Home – Aging In Place Implications”

Even though most residences (those up to four dwellings per building, including the most common single family home) do not fall under the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), there is considerable interest in creating accessible entrances. As people are carrying items in and out of the home or using walkers, crutches, canes,… Read more »

“The Aging In Place Home Assessment Has Many Facets”

We know that as aging in place specialists we cannot help people effectively as they desire to remain in their homes without a clear idea of what exists now, what their needs and abilities are, and how we might approach creating and implementing some solutions. These details begin with a home assessment, but this is… Read more »