“Celebrating 4-Years Of Online CAPS Classes”

Over the past four years, the online CAPS classes have enabled us to attend, learn, ask questions, and interact with other professionals present (even from around the world) from the comfort of where we are.

Four years ago, online classes began

On April 22, 2020 – exactly four year years ago – we offered the first of what would be 555 Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) live, online classes, leading toward the Certified Aging In Place Specialist designation.

Offering the classes online was a major departure from the way things had been done in-person up until then, and there was some concern about how well the new format would be received. However, the classes are still taught face-to-face and live in real-time, and they offer a level of comfort and participation not often available in the onsite format. They just are conducted online rather than on location.

It has been an unqualified success for so many reasons. There is no travel involved, no traffic or parking to deal with, last-minute scheduling changes can be accommodated to attend, and we are extremely flexible. Classes can be switched to a different day at the last minute because of the frequency of additional class offerings.

Nearly 1,200 graduates

In the four years that our online education program has been active, there have been 1,188 graduates!  This is an average of just under 300 new CAPS graduates per year, and even more than this number have taken one or two of the three required classes.

Occupational therapists lead the way

While there have been contractors, remodelers, handymen, non-profit organizations, home access consultants, durable medical equipment specialists and suppliers, architects, consultants, and many others completing their three-days of the CAPS training, more than 500 occupational therapists (along with physical therapists, registered nurses, and case managers) have completed their CAPS.

Additional professions include airline pilots, bankers, financial planners, city planners, pharmacists, paramedics, attorneys, architects, senior services, university faculty, physicians, business owners, and those retired or unemployed.

Supporting cast

Several companies and organizations have supported our CAPS program by enrolling many of their employees or members. These include, among others, Habitat for Humanity (especially Greater Memphis), CareBridge, Fox Rehabilitation, TruBlue Ally, Assistive Technology offices, med-waiver programs, Centers for Independent Living, Coalition for Home Repair member agencies, Next Day Access, Harmar, 101 Mobility, NeighborWorks, Amramp, MobilityWorks, and Veterans Administration.

Not just a US experience

In addition to people from all 50 states attending our CAPS classes over the past four years, there is an international experience as well. Professionals from many areas in Canada, plus at least one person from Israel, France, United Kingdom, Denmark, China, Singapore, Puerto Rico, France, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Chile, Nigeria, India, Belgium, and Australia attended the online programs.

With people aging everywhere and needing various amounts of help, how appropriate that the CAPS is not just a domestic experience but one reaching around the world!

The next chapter begins now

Tomorrow (April 22nd), we begin our fifth year of the online CAPS classes. Plan on joining us during one of our remaining 33 sets of 3-day classes during 2024 – and even more in future years! Take all three together or break them up to match your schedule.


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