“Aging In Place Occurs Naturally”

This woman is sitting at her kitchen table, enjoying her home environment and recounting the many memories she and her home have shared together over the passing years.

Anything worth doing requires effort

While it’s true that aging in place is natural and will happen whether we do much to affect it or not (although we can complicate or derail it), we can make the process a lot more enjoyable. Effective aging in place – getting the optimal results as opposed to just allowing things take their course and evolve – is going to require some effort.

There are no special skills or techniques involved to age in place well, but we can certainly make it more worthwhile and enjoyable.

We can just watch the days go by on the calendar, or we can be more invested in the outcome.

It doesn’t take any special preparation

Aging in place is a come-as-you-are opportunity. It takes no special preparation to enter this phase of life, regardless of our current age or abilities. However, the more we are looking forward to remaining in the home we have been in, the more successful and happy we will be with the results.

No special preparation is required, but the more we are mentally and emotionally prepared to stay in our homes and face the days ahead – the good ones and the challenging ones also – the more successful the outcome.

While specific preparation is not required, the more we are looking forward to remaining in our homes long-term, and the more safety precautions and repairs we have made, the better the outcome is likely to be.

We can coexist nicely with our homes

Life throws a lot at us. It’s unpredictable. Just when we think we may have things figured out, they change. However, our homes do give us a measure of stability and comfort in a changing world. They are dependable, as long as we don’t ignore them completely and forget to make minor repairs or adjustments along the way.

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