“We Don’t Have Time To Learn As We Go”

In the aging in place market, people need results, they expect them, and they are counting on us to deliver them. Whether they have waited years for necessary repairs to be done because they have put them off or didn’t have the money until now, or it’s a recent development that requires fairly immediate attention,… Read more »

“Tackling The Big Three Of Home Renovations”

Anyone who owns a home is familiar with maintenance issues that crop up from time-to-time. They may be as simple as making a minor adjustment (to an appliance, a door, or other component) or as major as removing or renovating a current system (wall, toilet, flooring, or air conditioner, for instance) and reinstalling or replacing… Read more »

“Exceeding Customer Expectations May Not Be A Good Thing”

Customer satisfaction in any type of endeavor involving the delivery of products or services is sought and coveted by businesspeople the world over. We want people to enjoy doing business with us and to like what they purchased from us, to tell their friends, associates, or others who might benefit from a similar purchase about… Read more »

“Why We Like Aging-In-Place”

Helping people remain in their homes is the key objective of aging in place and with those of us who strive to make this happen. We know that many people regard their home like an old friend – regardless of the age of the home or how long they have lived in it. Helping them… Read more »

“E-Leads Are Perishable – Use Immediately”

E-leads are a popular and valuable source of new business for contractors and other aging in place professionals, particularly those with active websites or strong social media profiles. Nevertheless, those leads are a perishable commodity. They have an expiration date – almost no shelf life if not acted upon immediately. Unlike a personal contact where… Read more »

“Communication Begins And Ends With Effective Listening”

Listening is something that we take pretty much for granted and therefore put way too little effort into doing it well. It is one of the keys to effective communication – hearing and understanding the other person’s message or viewpoint – yet we often are more concerned with making our own points or moving on… Read more »

“Three Universal Design Items Every Bathroom Needs To Have”

Bathrooms are arguably one of the two most important rooms in any home. Regardless, they receive much attention when people look for a new home or consider revamping their current home. To that end, here are three “must-have” features to include in any bathroom where showering or bathing occurs.  Of course, bathrooms have many features,… Read more »