“What Did We Ever Do Before We Had Computers?”

Have you ever wondered what we did before we all had computers or how we ever got along without them? Well, for one thing, we got the job done. Maybe it was a little slower – maybe it was a lot slower. Maybe it took more paper – maybe not. After all, today’s “paperless” society… Read more »

“Second And Vacation Homes Need To Provide Accessibility Also”

Much – but not all – of the aging-in-place discussion and emphasis is on the permanent or long-term home. But, what about those vacation, seasonal, vacation, or held-for-occasional-use homes? Do we just forget about safety, accessibility, and visitability for these homes?  Just because people are not residing in their permanent or forever homes at the… Read more »

“Aging-In-Place Solutions Are Meant To Be Personal”

Aging in place solutions are designed to be “one-of-a-kind” applications and are meant to be personal. This doesn’t mean that a similar solution might not or will not be used for someone else, but it is created to meet the specific needs and requirements of each individual client. Thus, there is no “one-size-fits-all” basic approach… Read more »

“Well Done Is Better Than Well Said”

They say that actions speak louder than words. So let’s make sure that we are doing more than just talking a good game. As Ben Franklin once said, “Well done is better than well said.”  There are two words that are used so often in the sales and marketing of homes and renovations that they essentially… Read more »

“Relying On Our Memory May Not Work So Well Anymore”

Generally speaking, when we meet people that are looking to engage us to remodel or renovate their homes to provide aging-in-place solutions or universal design treatments – or have us evaluate what needs to be done in their homes (owned or rented) so they will know where they stand about moving forward with possible improvements… Read more »

“How Many Others Do ‘Exactly’ What We Do?”

In addition to the many challenges that businesses have in terms of marketing, sales, customer relations, money management, and so many other concerns, most businesses also have competition of some type. In the aging in place services field, we are no different. There are other contractors, consultants, therapists, designers, and specialists. Maybe other companies offer… Read more »

“Getting To The Top Of The List & Making A Sale”

Consumers have many choices when it comes to selecting a contractor to help them with a general remodeling project or a more specific aging in place renovation or home modification. Think of how many people you know who share the marketplace with you and offer services that a consumer might consider in addition to yours…. Read more »