“Addressing Hand Issues In Aging In Place Designs”

There are many aspects to consider in evaluating how well a home can allow its occupants to age in place effectively and then to take those impressions and create modifications of that living space to facilitate a more successful future.  Part of this review and analysis involves considering the physical setting of the home and what it… Read more »

“Being An Aging In Place Professional Is The Ultimate People-Oriented Business”

There are hundreds of various professions, occupations, jobs, and other pursuits that someone might have – plenty to fit a person’s abilities, educational level, professional or technical training, personality, and communication skills. Some people are extremely comfortable being away from the public and being left alone in their laboratory, research center, office cubicle, warehouse, or… Read more »

“How Much Does It Cost To Age In Place?”

As aging in place is being talked about more, and as more people are experiencing this lifestyle choice, those who haven’t embraced it yet are giving it a hard look to see if it can work for them. They are currently considering trying to find a home that can be their forever home, or they… Read more »