“What Is So Tough About Aging In Place?” +

  What is so tough about aging in place? Potentially nothing at all. Possibly, a lot. Let’s think back to some of those monumental periods of our life – at least they seemed that way at the time. How about trying out for a team (baseball, football, or basketball, for instance)? Did we talk to… Read more »

“Aging In Place Is Another One Of Life’s Decisions”

As we journey through life, we have many issues to face, contend with, and resolve one way or another. Some are less complicated and consequential than others in the overall bigger or long-term picture, but we have thousands of decisions we need to consider and then resolve or finalize each day. Sometimes the decision facing… Read more »

“Perspective, Empathy, & Aging In Place Solutions”

Our perspective can change so much about what we experience in life. Ever go to a play or movie and sit behind someone who partially blocks our view? We don’t get to experience as much or to receive it unfiltered. We may have to interpolate to fill in some of the missing elements. At the… Read more »