“Covid-19 & Aging In Place Implications”

The coronavirus is as scary and troublesome as it is a tremendous opportunity for us to push both the pause and reset buttons for our lives – any of us. We are pausing our daily routines as we have known them from the hectic pace that so many of us have maintained and moving to… Read more »

“Aging In Place – Thinking Back Over The Years”

No matter what age we are, we can look back – mostly fondly – at events that we recall or that shaped our lives or made an impression on us. Unfortunately, many of those events that left an impression were more traumatic than pleasurable or enjoyable. Many of us likely have remarked – and news… Read more »

“Aging In Place Follows Different Materialism Rules”

Our homes are not a typical possession. We obtain and handle many things over the course of our lifetime – shoes, clothing, sporting goods, automobiles, bicycles, stocks, bonds, collectibles, and places to live. We are advised by parents, brokers, and others whom we trust for their advice not to get so attached to any one… Read more »

Aging In Place Checklists: To Note Or To Know

For aging in place modifications, performing a home evaluation or assessment is the first step toward determining what a home might need and to achieve it. Using a checklist, assessment form, or evaluation sheet to examine a person’s living space and make notations about what is being done correctly and where there are shortcomings is… Read more »

“Aging In Place Tips For De-Cluttering & Organizing”

There are many articles written about the need for, as well as how to go about, decluttering our living spaces, especially as we get older. We have many places where we store our stuff – basements, attics, closets, dressers, cabinets, garages, backyard storage sheds, and even storage spaces off-site that we rent. As a matter… Read more »