“When So-Called Conveniences Turn Out Not To Be So Helpful”

Modern technology and innovation have transformed our cars, office space, and homefronts into an environment that many of us might not have foreseen twenty years ago. Cellphones didn’t exist, a couple of megabytes of storage was considered to be a lot – no one was even talking about gigabytes, Wi-Fi and the internet weren’t around,… Read more »

“Yet Another Reason People Choose To Age-In-Place”

People choose to age-in-place – to remain living in their present home for the foreseeable future – for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that they truly like their home and feel that nothing else in the market would really appeal to them as much as their current home.  It’s also possible that they could… Read more »

“Before Ever Getting Started On A Room Renovation …”

Before we ever walk into a potential client’s home, there are things we should know that are going to affect – if not dictate – how we approach the overall renovation project. Then, once we are physically onsite, we need to confirm our earlier assumptions and ideas and adjust them as necessary. The actual renovations… Read more »