“What Makes Someone Feel Safe In Their Home?”

We talk about safety as being a chief component of remodeling and of creating an effective aging in place environment, but what is safety and how do we measure it or help create it? What makes a person feel safe in their home? What makes us feel safe where we live? Safety can be interpreted… Read more »

“There’s A Huge Demand For Residential Remodeling”

The month of May, this year as in past ones, is “National Remodeling Month.” As aging in place professionals who are charged with helping people adapt and modify their living space to make it safer and more comfortable for the foreseeable future and to allow them to remain living in the homes they love, we… Read more »

“Let’s Not Apologize For Calling Someone As Agreed”

We are going to make many presentations in people’s living rooms and while seated around the kitchen table. Not everyone will result in a completed order for services. Some will, others won’t. Some are going to take multiple visits and several phone calls before they happen. People make up their minds to do something in… Read more »

“Assembling A Great Team Of Strategic Partners”

For the past three days, the NFL (National Football League) has been holding its annual draft of college football players. The 32 teams have taken turns, according to a very complex and involved system, in making 253 picks from among the top eligible players – not totally unlike choosing up sides on the playground but… Read more »

“Warranties Relate Directly To Trust And Believability”

Warranties are not what they used to be. At one time, a company would guarantee that their product would perform for as long as a person owned it. They would essentially stand behind their workmanship. Occasionally, the product would be replaced. This, in turn, built immeasurable amounts of customer and brand loyalty. Then, along the… Read more »