“But We Might Need It Again …”

One of the reasons that clutter becomes such a major force in our lives is that it sneaks up on us. Most of us don’t intentionally start out to keep amassing stuff that we don’t need and won’t use, but we fool ourselves into thinking that it may be useful again someday.  It starts out… Read more »

“Renters Need Aging-In-Place Solutions, Too”

When we talk about aging in place and creating effective strategies and solutions for people to remain living in their homes successfully for as long as they choose, there is a tendency to think just of homeowners and ignore the renter segment. However, many aging-in-place concepts work equally well for renters. We know that homeowners… Read more »

“Clutter Is Much More Than Just A Nuisance”

Clutter abounds in many homes and offices. It is a by-product of all the stuff we get and collect. There are several ways that the accumulation happens, and then the biggest culprit is allowing it to remain. It often starts out innocently enough, but over time it can get out-of-control.  We may have the best… Read more »

“The Importance Of Equitable Use In Universal Design”

When North Carolina State University’s Center for Universal Design quantified their Seven Principle of Universal Design in 1997, number one on the list was “Equitable Use.” It’s quite fitting that it occupies the top spot because it defines universal design in so many ways.  Equitable use typifies what we term universal design – being something… Read more »

“Aging-In-Place Is A Natural Process”

Aging in place as a strategy for allowing people to remain living in their present homes as they grow older has really come into its own. It is widely discussed, recommended, and followed.  Nevertheless, some agencies and governmental programs are looking for ways to encourage people to remain in their homes, apparently feeling that not… Read more »

“The Key To Remembering People’s Names”

People love to hear the sound of their own name, so remembering someone’s name to allow you to address them by it as you are talking with them – in person or over the telephone – is quite important.  So often we hear a person’s name as they introduce themselves to us, but we are… Read more »