“Consider Just How Much More Business You Need”

At the beginning of the year, every business has their sights set on a revenue projection that they have made for the balance of the year. Sometimes it’s based on a careful calculation of what is needed to pay all of its expenses and make a reasonable profit. Sometimes, it’s just a dollar (or some… Read more »

“Take Advantage Of The Springtime Energy”

While there’s never a shortage of people wanting to renovate their homes to reconfigure the space, update appliances or finishes, install a new floor, change out the lighting, redo their bathroom, or so many other items that we routinely do as part of our aging in place services, there are certain times of the year… Read more »

“Organization May Not Be The Final Solution To Clutter”

Clutter – the accumulation of mostly unwanted and unnecessary stuff or the good stuff that we really want to keep but have no home for it yet – is a constant challenge for homeowners and renters. Witness the growth of the mini-warehousing industry. Largely unknown a decade or so ago, they have begun dotting the… Read more »

“A Person’s Home Is Their Fortress”

There’s an old adage that says that a person’s home is their castle. As aging in place providers, we are charged with making this more than just a saying and into a reality for the people we are helping. One of the key functions of aging in place is safety – along with comfort, convenience,… Read more »

“Maybe It’s Time You Had A Written Business Plan”

Maybe you’ve had your CAPS business for a little while – as an OT, contractor, designer, or consultant – or possibly you are just getting started. Maybe you have yet to start it but are getting everything ready to begin.  One of the things you will help you to be successful as you are getting… Read more »