“Creating A Budget For Aging-In-Place Home Improvements”

Whether we’re talking about a simple solution or a fairly major home improvement project, there are many factors and variables to be considered before a budget can be determined and a course of action can be agreed upon – whether the homeowner is doing the work themselves or someone like us (an aging-in-place professional or… Read more »

“Are We Losing The Battle For Safety In The Home?”

We know just how important it is for people to feel safe and secure in their homes – especially as they are aging and possibly living without close relatives nearby. They may not know their neighbors that well either. All that said, just how safe are the homes people live in, and are we winning,… Read more »

“Security Takes On Many Forms As We Age-In-Place”

Security is something that is on people’s minds often, if not constantly. They want to both be and feel secure in public and in their homes. They want to know that they will be safe whether they are out and about or relaxing at home. Over the past several years, gated communities have become popular…. Read more »