“Paint Is A Wonderful Aging-In-Place Tool”

Paint has a magical quality that can help us transform any space or object into something new – even when the item being painted is not changed other than in the way it looks and makes us feel. Ever notice how a fresh coat of paint on a wall or on a piece of furniture… Read more »

“Our Remodeling Customers Have Home Field Advantage”

In basketball, football, and baseball, among other sports – at the high school, college, or even the professional level – much is made about having home field advantage where the team just seem to play better. They are comfortable with the setting, and the fans are quite supportive. When other teams come into that stadium… Read more »

“Sometimes Things Just Show Up At Your Door”

Opportunities come in many sizes – some big, some little, some in-between. Some are new business directions – good or not, and some are new ways to promote your business or generate new leads.This falls into the category of business promotion and marketing. I was not expecting this, and I did not seek it out… Read more »

“The One Essential Tool We Can’t Afford To Be Missing”

As contractors, renovators, remodelers, and handymen, tools are commonplace. They are how we create solutions and deliver them to our aging-in-place clients. Most professions have tools of one kind or another, but tools for construction, maintenance, and repair are quite well known. In fact, many people have a hammer, saw, screwdriver, pliers, or wrench –… Read more »

“Are You Prepared To Introduce Yourself To Others?”

If we are going to be serious about helping people remodel, renovate, adapt, or otherwise improve the safety and other aspects of their home (access or convenience, for instance), we are also going to need to get serious about reaching out to people to introduce ourselves and what we do.  These can be people that… Read more »