“A Person’s Home Is Their Fortress”

There’s an old adage that says that a person’s home is their castle. As aging in place providers, we are charged with making this more than just a saying and into a reality for the people we are helping. One of the key functions of aging in place is safety – along with comfort, convenience,… Read more »

“Maybe It’s Time You Had A Written Business Plan”

Maybe you’ve had your CAPS business for a little while – as an OT, contractor, designer, or consultant – or possibly you are just getting started. Maybe you have yet to start it but are getting everything ready to begin.  One of the things you will help you to be successful as you are getting… Read more »

“On Receiving That First Senior Discount”

If you’ve already reached that magic milestone of 50, 55, 60, 62, or 65 – it varies depending on who is administering the program – then you have qualified for a senior discount. It might be a free beverage (coffee or soft drink), a percentage off your food bill, a discounted airline ticket or hotel… Read more »

“Why Is Aging-In-Place So Relevant Today?”

There is a constant flow of articles and news stories about the aging of the population, the needs of seniors (regardless of what country the might reside in), universal design, and aging in place – all with good reason. These are topics that are on the minds of so many people around the world. They… Read more »

“The Case For Only Using CAPS-Trained Contractors”

Wherever you go, licensed contractors aggressively try to get the unlicensed “contractors” off the streets. In areas where licensing is required – either as a business license or a more stringent professional license – people still try to skirt the law and provide services to the public without the proper credentials. That ends up hurting… Read more »

“Adding An Aging-In-Place Element To General Remodleing”

Remodeling is an activity that many people undertake to improve the quality and general livability of their homes. We generally think of remodeling as being done by homeowners although renters certainly can and do complete remodeling projects as well – just usually not anything to do with structural elements such as walls, floors, ceilings, or… Read more »

“What’s That You Say? March Is International Listening Month”

There are days, weeks, months, and even years devoted to commemorating various events and causes. It helps us celebrate or observe dates in history, important historical figures, and even some of the more lighthearted observances such as national popcorn or donut day.  The month of March has been designated as “International Listening Month.” It is… Read more »

“Making Sense of Your Observations In A Home Assessment”

Home assessments are one of the foundations of creating effective aging in place solutions – whether there is a noticeable mobility or sensory condition to accommodate or not. Sometimes it’s just knowing how people age and what might be considered best practices to use in addressing concerns before they surface.  Occupational therapists or physical therapists… Read more »