“5 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Get Your CAPS”

Steve Hoffacker CAPS presents the 3 CAPS (Certified Aging In Place Specialist) classes live in real-time nearly every week throughout the year so anyone can match their schedule with available dates and then attend.

1- Time for action

Over the wintertime, many of us have enjoyed a slower pace as the daylight hours have been short and the temperatures have been relatively low. That is changing as our gaze turns toward the springtime and renewed vitality and activity.

If taking our Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) classes has been on our radar for a while but we have not acted, this is a great time to move forward and complete them. Do it before we get busier with warmer weather outdoor activities and longer daylight hours that call us to go outside more.

2- Online completion

Because the classes are conducted in a live, online format, there is no travel, no disruption of daily activities, and no inconvenience. We can still do our daily activities around the classes because we are still at home. Childcare or looking after adults, taking care of pets, being home for deliveries or repairs, and sleeping in our own bed each night are all positive benefits of taking the classes from home or in our customary office location.

Foregoing the travel saves a lot of time, money, inconvenience, and adjustment. We just put in a normal day at the office or at our home location and take the classes in real-time online. These are classes that are being taught as they are being taken – no prerecorded sessions.

3- Brand new classes

Since 2002, when they began, the CAPS classes have been updated periodically. The first revision was in 2008. Then again in 2017. Now, another update. Beginning Monday, the CAPS I, II, and III classes are new. They still have the same titles, but the format has been adjusted along with the content. There are some new areas of emphasis and some that are less important to study.

The biggest change is the elimination of the daily tests as a completion criteria and a move toward non-scored review testing with the test that counts after the CAPS III class. For this reason, it’s important that the classes be completed in order but not required.

The CAPS III class is particularly noteworthy because it consists entirely of case studies and thoughtful approaches to solving the issues presented.

4- Top-notch instructor

Steve Hoffacker, Master CAPS Instructor, has scheduled 48 sessions of the 3-day CAPS program for 2024 – nearly one session per week. This is more than what is offered from any other source. The same volume of class offerings was true in 2023, 2022, 2021, and other recent years. One month of 2024 is completed, but eleven more await us.

With his real estate, sociology, construction, urban planning, occupational therapy, and aging in place skills and knowledge, Steve brings a wide range of experience and perspectives to the CAPS classes.

5- Holding the line on pricing

Inflation, unfortunately, is a fact of life. Prices seemingly are in flux on a daily basis. While many of the costs of presenting the CAPS classes have increased for Steve, he has decided to keep the tuition prices the same for 2024 as they were in 2023 – another great reason to enroll now.

It’s not anticipated that prices will need to increase, but there is that possibility. So look at the schedule of classes on Steve’s website and find something that works for you – you can even split them up over several weeks as necessary. Take advantage of current pricing!


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