“Why Is This The Right Time And Place For Us To Act?”

Most of us would be happy to have to get a new client or customer by having them walk into our office or call us on the phone and express an interest in having us complete an aging-in-place renovation for them – or at the very least an assessment of the safety or function of their home. 

In fact, we might be so excited about this possibility that we would launch right into our presentation with only a few cursory questions about what they actually are looking for in terms of budget, features, and outcome. Why are they considering the remodel and what does it need to achieve or accomplish for them?

While any need lead is great to receive, let’s step back a moment and consider why someone has chosen to contact us – among all of the other companies and contractors that they could have approached – at this very moment to discuss what we can provide for them?

Knowing the answers to these questions often will tell us what we need to know so we can approach making a sale with inside knowledge – information the customer or client has shared with us that is vital to know before formulating an action plan, scope of services, and actually getting started once we are retained to complete the work.

Regardless of how someone looks for and finds us to begin the conversation – or if a referring professional is the one who knows about and seeks us out to help their client – there are several other builders, contractor, handymen, and other providers who are offering a similar product or service.

We need to position ourselves as the best solution for their needs – unless we determine that what they need or want done is outside our realm of expertise, comfort zone, or business model. It simply may not be a good fit for us to pursue.

So, of all the other offices, showrooms, websites, companies, occupational therapists, contractors, or others who might be in a position to achieve the type of renovation and results that someone might be seeking, why have they chosen to contact and interact with us at this very moment? Why have they chosen us for their needs – even if we aren’t actually the one to undertake the job because it doesn’t align with what we typically do?

What truly is so special in their lives about their personal timing today?

Why right now – and why us of all the others they could have contacted? We should be grateful that they have approached us and welcome the opportunity to help them – giving it all the importance that they have in seeking the renovation be done to improve or enhance their living environment.

Of all the people they could have approached to help them, they chose us. In addition to being thrilled about their talking to or visiting with us right now, we should learn how their expectations can be fulfilled or met by our reputation, expertise, or solutions.

When we begin asking ourselves these questions – to learn what needs to be done, to determine if there is a good fit between what they seek and our business model, and to find out how we can help them understand that they have come to the right place for the solution to their issue – and getting the answers from our clients and customers, we will have an inside track on how to help them effectively.

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