“Being The Best Is Only Part Of The Equation”

When someone begins considering a remodel of their current home – for aesthetic reasons, for function, to accommodate changing needs, to allow a parent or other relative to move in with them, or any other purpose, they need someone who can translate their desires into a reality for them. They want to locate someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, trustworthy, and someone in whom they can place their confidence for the work they want done.
While there are many people who technically can provide the work they need to have done, and do it within their budget, not all of those companies will be given serious consideration by them for various reasons. It could also be that the people contemplating the remodeling work are not convinced from the people they meet with that their plans have merit or that they offer the type of value proposition they desire. They could actually back away from a potential remodeling project – even though they seem to need the work done – because of the way the contractors they meet with treat them during the discussion phase.

This leaves a huge opening for us because we welcome and actually look for business such as this. We want to help people adapt their living space to work effectively for them as the age-in-place – by themselves or with others moving into the home with them.

While some contractors never get past the consideration stage because they don’t impress the potential client in their ability to create for them what needs to be done, or they don’t really have the mindset to complete it as anything but a remodeling project like any other they might  do, we have the opportunity to let people know that were are specially trained to be able to help them – and that we have a huge interest in doing just that.

Even at that, other contractors in our marketplace might be able to make similar claims about working with clients such as these, so we need to go a step further and answer a very simple question: why should someone want to work with us and trust us to come into their home and complete the work they desire? Along with that question is the one that asks why are more qualified or more suited to do the work than anyone else they might consider for the project?

We must honestly and enthusiastically answer for ourselves why we feel that our work outshines that of the competition, why it offers the client tremendous value, and how we understand that there are others that a person can consider but why we feel we are the best choice for them to make. When we believe in ourselves it just a matter of sharing this belief with our potential clients.

We have to be totally convinced – without any wavering – that we absolutely offer the best solutions, quality of work, attention to detail, and value for the money invested of anyone in our marketplace. As long as we find people that can benefit from what we offer, there should be no stopping us in our enthusiasm to help them engage us and obtain the solutions they seek.

Being the best at what we do won’t make the sale by itself. It needs to be there, but we have to translate our expertise and excellence into creating a trust relationship with our potential clients. When they feel comfortable with us and know that we can do the job better than anyone else they might consider, they are much more likely to use us.

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