“In The Spirit Of Gift Giving This Holiday Time”

One of the ways that both Christmas and Hanukkah are celebrated is through the giving of gifts. Sometimes we are trying to meet a specific request that someone on our shopping list has expressed, and other times we are trying to come up with something that we think the person we are gifting would like and would use that they do not have presently. Maybe one like it has broken or stopped working. Perhaps they used it and no longer have it. 

A way of selecting an appropriate gift for someone that is sure to be appreciated is to determine what might they buy for themselves if given the opportunity, or conversely, what they would like to have but probably would never buy for themselves. Both instances make great gift ideas.

As we were looking for the perfect gift for someone else, maybe we found one or two items that we decided to get for ourselves. We self-gifted because we knew what we wanted, we didn’t want to take a chance that someone would not get this item for us and then it not be available later when we went to get it, that is was offered at a really good price, or we just couldn’t pass it up. This is a great way to purchase gifts for others on our shopping list as well. What is it that they would buy for themselves if given the chance or would really like to have? Maybe they aren’t even away of its existence but we can picture them using it. Maybe it’s even on sale.

Turning to aging in place, what is it that we would wish for our clients to have? What would we gift to them if we were going to be doing so? While not as a gift – because we are in business to make money – the idea is valid. What do we really think they should have and would consider even giving it to them if this was an appropriate thing to do based on our relationship with them and the price of the item?

What do our clients need that would be the perfect type of gift for them – if we were going to be offering it to them this way inside of providing it as part of a renovation package? The answer to this question makes this choice a top priority in the modification plan for them. It could be a new entrance, an entry station, better flooring, enhanced lighting, new appliances, a safer shower, newer windows that are easier to access and open, maybe newer cabinets with pullout drawers or workstations, and maybe something just for them based on their needs.

It’s in this spirit of wanting to sincerely give something to our clients that will be of great service to them, that will be appreciated, that will make their lives easier and more enjoyable that should guide our assessments and conclusions about what to suggest for their renovation – regardless of their ability, age, or other factors present.

Then, regardless of what time of year it is, our spirit of giving will permeate our role as aging in place provider and help us to design and recommend improvements that are in the best interests of our clients (for their safety, enjoyment, and overall benefit) and not for any other purpose.

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