“The Most Dependable Method Of Finding New Leads Is To Do It Ourselves”

There are so many articles, books, and posts written about finding and attracting new leads for our business – like there’s a magic formula we can use. Most of us crave shortcuts – it’s human nature. So, when someone comes along and promises us that by running this type of ad on this type of site or social media platform, by having a certain advertising budget or allocation for pay-per-click attraction, or by purchasing leads from sources or services that purport to be able to furnish them, we are eager to participate. 

What if there were an online site for finding new leads where we could type in the type of business we have, the type of client we are seeking, the price point of the purchase or investment we are seeking, the geographic location of the job, and that the person or persons that are supplied as a result of this search have all indicated their willingness to be contacted by someone like us to proceed with formalizing an agreement for our contracting or consulting services?

There are sites that provide some of this, but it’s not going to be that easy.

What if we could find an online catalog or registry of people needing certain types of work done in their home? Don’t think this exists either.

What if we could visit a warehouse-type store and go up and down the aisles looking at various people who have expressed an interest in home aging in place modifications, consulting, or assessment services done in their homes? In each bin, cubicle or display, it would show a photo or a vignette of the potential client in their living space, a photo and description of their home (including the area or areas of the home in question), an overview of the type of work they are looking for (but there likely will be more), and a budget (much like a price tag).

In short, there really isn’t such a shortcut, and we shouldn’t be looking for it because there is a much more reliable, dependable, and less expensive way to find new business leads and that is on our own. Who knows more about our business than us? Who, therefore, is in the best position to find, identify, and cultivate a potential lead – us or someone that does this generically for many different types of businesses?

We see and meet people constantly. Obviously, not all of the people we see will be someone that will need or want our services, but some will – or they will know someone else who might that they can introduce to us. It costs nothing to generate leads on our own (except an occasional cup of coffee). We don’t need to run an ad, post to social media, or even have a website to find people on our own. The website and social media presence are good to have but only as a reinforcement for our efforts, after the initial introduction and meeting with someone.

We just need to be open to meeting people we see routinely throughout the day – wherever that might be. By being approachable and willing to start conversations with people, we are going to be in a position to meet people who need what we offer. Begin with the introduction – no slick sales pitch. After we greet someone, engage in a little small talk, find out what they do and share our brief story, we can pursue a second meeting or a more in-depth conversation as the situation warrants.

The important thing is to be aware of people around us and be ready for an opportunity to identify someone we can help.

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