“A Salute To Remodeling For AIP During Remodeling Month”

May has been National Remodeling Month, and it’s a great time to focus on the importance of making our homes into what they need to be to serve us better – whether it’s such a simple update or a more extensive and challenging do-over. Anytime is good to think about improvements to our homes, but May is the traditional month for focusing on it. 

Sometimes the updates that are envisioned can be done by the owner, and sometimes they require the services of a professional. As aging in place professionals, we are ready to serve those who require assistance, but we want to see the work done regardless.

It could be something as easy as adding a fresh coat of paint to an existing room, or it could be a room addition. People largely want to improve what they already have. They may want a new bedroom or bath – or a reconfiguration or modification of what they have now. They may require a larger kitchen or family room.

Maybe they need more storage. Perhaps they want to convert some existing “bonus” or “flex” space in actual living areas. Then again, they may not know what they need – only that they need something.

Remodeling can involve changing out a few light fixture fixtures or faucets, getting new appliances, replacing a door or door hardware, refacing or replacing cabinets, adding a new countertop, redoing the flooring, changing outdoors, replacing hardware, making changes to basic systems, and more – all the way to tearing down or gutting an existence home and rebuilding it.

There’s always going to be a demand for remodeling because people are going to want to make modifications to their homes to stay in them long-term or just to make them for enjoyable and usable for the short-term. Not everyone is capable of or even interested in making those changes themselves. Many people like the home they have – especially after a few modifications are completed – and they’re not interested in moving. They want to age in place, and a few modifications will enhance this desire. They need and want modifications and other improvements to accommodate various physical limitations and restrictions that they might have.

Also, people are having adult children or elderly parents move in with them – or both (the so-called “sandwich generation” or household) so they need modified or extra living space – especially bedroom, kitchen, entry, flooring, and bathroom areas.

Some people are trying to sell their current home in order to buy another, and a home inspector has pointed out various deficiencies or inadequacies that they need to eliminate – or they want to modernize a kitchen or bath to make the home more salable.

Remodeling in its many forms, from homeowner, handyman, general contractor, or custom builder, can design and complete ways to enhance any living space based on the desire to do so, the budget to fund it, and people’s ever-changing needs and desires.

Remodeling is fun to consider and plan for – and even more fun when the results are able to be enjoyed. Sometimes the improvements are elective (something we just think would be great or fun to do or have done) and other times they really are necessary to make the living space more habitable. Either way – and everything in between – makes remodeling, and aging in place consulting, a great pursuit.

The results of the renovations are something bigger, prettier, brighter, safer, more accessible, more comfortable, more convenient, more enjoyable, and more durable than was the case before undertaking the changes.
Let’s not be limited to May as the only time we can think about remodeling – it really is a year-round activity.
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