“More Insights Into Working With Real Estate Professionals”

As people are looking at new homes that they are considering purchasing and occupying for themselves and their families, there is a lot for them to consider. They are looking at the home for their current needs and abilities. They also may be thinking of a few years from now and how well that home will meet their needs – especially if they have progressive conditions or mobility limitations that think may make using that home more challenging. 

They also may be thinking of how well that home will allow their aging parents to move in with them and have their own space within the home and still be able to navigate the rest of the property well. It might be an additional bedroom or reconfiguration or enlarging of a smaller sleeping space, an accessible bathroom just for their parents, and perhaps a separate entrance from the outside so that they might remain more independent and can come and go as they desire and as they are able to do so. the home being evaluated may come up short in many of these areas but meet the buyer’s needs in other respects.

Sometimes the buyer will find a home that is close to what they are seeking but not all the way there. Whether for their own needs, those of other family members, of the possibility of parents living with them, they are thinking that there are aspects of the home that are missing or not well represented. They might also be thinking that they are going to need more space or a different layout for entertaining. This is where the real estate agent can help them understand that all can be addressed and fixed with our help – and a very important reason for enlisting real estate agents as strategic partners.

Without the real estate agent being part of our team, they would not be able to help their clients find an immediate solution to their housing needs. The agent likely would continue showing additional properties, and maybe the ideal one never would materialize – just others that were close in their own way but still missing certain elements. We can help them look good, and they can help us by supplying additional business. The client is the big winner because they are getting exactly what they want and need without having to continue investigating the marketplace.

Without the real estate professional bringing us into the equation, or not knowing that we could help, their client would have to fend for themselves after purchasing and moving into a home that wasn’t quite what they need but possibly was closer than others they had seen. Additionally, we can get everything done and financed before they move into their home and eliminate any mess or disruption while they are trying to move in and get settled.

One other way that we can work with real estate agents by partnering with them is by helping them and their clients years from now. Once someone moves into the home they purchase with a real estate agent and lives there for a while, they may identify some changes or improvements they would like to make. Possibly that aging parent would decide to move in with them. The purchaser typically would call the agent looking for the name or names of contractors or other professionals to call to help them with their improvements. They could look on their own or talk with friends, but the agent that sold them their home is a logical place to start. 

Likely the real estate professional will have befriended their buyers and established a level of trust during the sales process and since that time so that their clients would immediately think of checking with them for people to contact before trying to do it on their own.

There are many opportunities to work with real estate agents and their clients – now and over time. We would be overlooking a great source of business generation if we didn’t consider the importance of real agents in our market.

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