“Distinguishing Ourselves From The Competition”

There are many things we need to do to be successful aging in place professionals, depending on the services we offer. Still, we can’t serve our clients effectively if they don’t know who we are, how we can help them, and how we are uniquely qualified to assist them. 

We need to stand out in the marketplace and demonstrate that we are different than our competitors. One way that we can bolster our case for recognition and engagement is by creating such strong relationships with agencies and professionals who will refer us to their clients or use us for we are well-suited for that we don’t need to do much of anything else to attract new business,

In differentiating ourselves from our competition and others who might be lesser known but offer similar services as we do, we need to illustrate that we differ from them in a more professional, more dynamic way. We must give people who can use what we offer specific reasons to like us, to remember us, and to want to do business with us.

Additionally, we need to make our story personal for each customer. We should tailor our presentation to focus on what they need to hear to make a decision, not just on what we want to say.

Remember that the people we serve need to know, understand, and appreciate how the solutions we offer and suggest for them – whether on our own or in collaboration with other professionals we are partnering with for their expertise – are going to help them. We need to answer the question of what’s in it for them? Also, we need to clarify what specifically in our level of experience allows us to make these recommendations for them and why we are the best choice to provide this for them.

Marketing is an intangible. The people we want to reach will see, hear, or respond to our messages in various ways. Getting people we have served and those we have professional relationships with to share our message with people who can use what we provide certainly will help us attract more business. They have the ability to connect with potential clients in personal ways that less-personal web, social media, direct mail, and mass market messages cannot do.

Our marketing efforts, as well as the referring relationships and strategic partnerships we are able to establish, will enable us to connect with the marketplace as the expert professionals that we are and to have the people who need our services engage us to assist them.

Without the help of trusted professionals to spread our marketing message in the marketplace, we are going to find it harder to reach the people we want to serve. Being the best in our market and having the ability to truly help those we intend to serve is great, but it’s just the first step. This only works if the people we want to engage know about us and reach out to us. We can’t begin helping them until they (or their representative) connect with us. Being the best at what we do is one thing, but having people know and appreciate this is the challenge.

We are prepared to offer outstanding aging in place services and solutions to our marketplace, at an unsurpassed level of experience and professionalism, but people must know that we are available. It’s our responsibility to push our message into the marketplace.

If we truly believe that we are the best at what we do, we owe it to the people we serve to make ourselves available to them and to allow them to find and contact us. It starts with our expertise, but it extends to the way we approach the assignment, interact with the client, respect their property, and solve their issues – in ways that we feel the competition would not be able to do.

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