“Beyond Your CAPS: What’s Next?” – New Aging In Place Class Available

A couple standing in the kitchen of their aging in place home may need our help or advice on ways to make their home more accessible or safe as they remain there long-term


Aging is natural and universal

All of us – everyone – are getting older. We are aging – without question, delay, and with or without any special considerations or limiting conditions. None of us are excluded. There are no exceptions. However, we can take what we are learning in the process as Certified Aging In Place Specialists along with our professional expertise to help others around us have a more enjoyable aging in place experience.

There are many programs, products, and services we can offer various individuals or the marketplace in general. Some are more obvious than others, but all are valid responses to what has called us to be aging in place specialists.

We are well equipped to offer a focused response.

What’s next?

If you’ve taken your Certified Aging In Place Specialist “CAPS” designation program (at least one of the classes but hopefully all three of them), you may be asking yourself what’s next? You’re wondering what else can you do to make money and serve more people? Contractors and others in construction obviously can make money with home modifications, but what about the rest of us?

This is a common question when people take the CAPS coursework. It’s what led to the creation of this new standalone, elective course.

Over the past few years, Steve has been answering questions, in a limited fashion, of what non-construction professionals can do to make money as a CAPS professional. Home assessments often come to mind, but is there enough money to be made just doing this?

The answer is that it depends on how you structure your business. However, the are many more opportunities to monetize your CAPS training.

Making money with your CAPS

Of course, it depends on whether you want to do something to replace or create a full-time income, or if you want it to be supplemental to an existing position or something to supply a side income. There are several programs that will accommodate each objective.

Steve discusses these in his new, original program called “Beyond Your CAPS: What’s Next?” Dozens Of Ways To Make Money Or Add Value As A CAPS. This half-day remote access, live, interactive program will provide many answers about what the next step is for so many CAPS professionals who want to take their new credentials and use them productively in the marketplace.

Whether someone just uses their new-found information to do a better job where they are or they branch out in a new direction, Steve offers many suggestions, pricing models, and marketing tips.

Topics addressed in the course

Steve will address, among other issues:

  • At least four different ways to conduct and complete home assessments
  • More than three ways to participate in residential designs
  • Various ways of interacting with and assisting the client in and around their home
  • At least seven different ways of helping people have a more organized, safer, comfortable, and convenient home
  • Four ways of working with people with special needs or requirements
  • Various ways of collaborating with other professionals to deliver aging in place solutions
  • Several more ways to have an impact in the general marketplace through service or new ventures
  • Other ways to help seniors live in their homes more comfortably

This course qualifies for 4.0 CEUs for NKBA and possibly others also.

Registering for the class

This class is delivered online in a half-day, four-hour Zoom format as a PowerPoint presentation with real-time interaction and opportunity for questions and answers. There will be some short breaks scattered throughout the session, and questions are definitely encouraged. This is why Steve is limiting the class size to 12 people – at least initially.

The fee for the class is $179 USD for anyone who has taken one of Steve’s classes at some point in the past (CAPS, Universal Design, or Sales & Marketing) and $199 USD for those who have not attended one of Steve’s courses previously. It is open to anyone in the world who wants to take it, and while the CAPS designation is the presumptive foundation for the class, it is not a rigid requirement.

Using what you have learned

At the end of this class, you will have dozens of ideas on how you can use your knowledge obtained through the CAPS education program, along with other professional or interpersonal skills you may have, to serve the aging in place population in several different ways. You can do this as part of your current business or position, create a part-time opportunity without leaving your current situation, or venture out on your own (now or as you transition from you have been doing).

Regardless, you will have many ways of impacting the lives of those you want to serve and the potential to involve several others to assist you in your efforts as employees, strategic partners, or independent contractors.

This program is strictly educational in nature. Steve will not be selling any products or consulting services during the class although he is available for such discussions outside of the course.

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