“Implications For Aging In Place In 2021”

Standing at the entry into 2021 with a key in hand to open all that 2021 has waiting for us as we take our aging in place services to others to help them remain safer and happier in their homes


Welcome to 2021!

Happy New Year! 2021 has arrived. 2020 is no more except in our memories. Regardless of how well we fared or what challenges we faced during 2020, that is now part of our history. It’s forward into 2021.

2020 certainly brought its share of challenges for many people and many reasons for them to adapt their behavior from what had been normal for them until that time. Many people became homebound without much, if any, advance warning or preparation for this to happen. The new normal ensued.

That is behind us now. It’s onward into 2021.

Implications for AIP services

As we learned throughout much of this past year, people are finding new relationships with their homes. There are coming to understand that their homes provide a real measure of comfort and security for them as they shelter from the outside world. There is no telling if there are going to be similar virus challenges this year or even something equally as concerning. What we do know is that our homes are there for us.

While some people younger than retirement age chose their current home because it seemed like a comfortable place that they would enjoy remaining in over the years, most people likely did not foresee such an immediate time when they would be relying upon their home for such constant support. Fortunately, most people chose their current homes well – even if they didn’t select them to be their long-term homes necessarily.

That said, people have adapted to living in and remaining more or less full-time in their homes. Just like any long-term relationship or constant companionship, we notice things that could stand to be a little better in the relationship. That’s how we can help.

As people have been, and are continuing to identify parts of their home that could use a little TLC or accessibility enhancement, we are ready to assist them. It doesn’t have to be an expensive or extensive modification, but whatever it is, we can help.

Starting off 2021 strong

As we prepare to begin 2021, we really don’t have to look all that far for potential work. Staying home on a long-term basis – whether someone is raising a family of young children or it’s just one or two of them well into their retirement years – has never been more prominent than it is now. 2020 has made aging in place a reality for people. It has gone from the conceptual stage to reality.

For anyone – from our own household to family, neighbors, or the general public – the opportunities are there. The key is to approach potential renovations in a way that resonates with clients. Some are going to be ready for major kitchen, bathroom, and family room renovations because those rooms have come up a little short trying to accommodate the number of people and their varied activities that have been attempting to use those spaces. Others are going to want lighting, flooring, air quality, or other less physical enhancements to their homes, noting that the actual floor space seems to be working well for them.

All we have to do is be available and to begin looking around us for people that we can help. The need has never been greater than it is now – from simple safety fixes to more major renovations.

More of the same for the new year?

Is 2021 going to mean more of the same in terms of spending more time in our homes, or is the world going to return to a sense of what we experienced a year ago before all of the virus issues descended upon us? How can we know?

One thing is certain, regardless of how things unfold in 2021. People generally made it through the past year in their homes with few serious challenges. This means that it will be easier to identify those hows that do have the more serious concerns and then to prepared to tackle the majority of homes that need minor tweaks, updates, and safety renovations to enhance their livability.

As the new year begins to unfold, let’s be prepared to take our message to the public that we are available to help them get ready for the next time they need to rely on their homes for an extended stay – by choice or from outside influences.

There is much to do, and much we can do to be of assistance. We need to take our message to the streets (and of course, online). Otherwise, people may not be aware that we can help them – even if they live in our neighborhood.



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