“Where Is The Best Place To Age In Place?”

The best place to age in place is the home or apartment that we have right now – we don’t have to go anywhere else to live or do anything special to begin although we may want to make some modifications


Beginning where we are

The great thing about aging in place is that it does not require any conscious or deliberate action on our part. We may feel that we are supposed to do something to make our decision official, but nothing is required. In fact, no formal decision or declaration is necessary at all.

Some people will just know that they want to continue living in their current home and won’t consider any other dwelling as a possible replacement for what they have. Others will feel the need to announce their decision to friends and family.

Aging in place is nothing more than wanting to get up tomorrow where we got up today and being comfortable with that being the case.

Therefore, we have all the basic ingredients to age in place, and that is the place we are living now – regardless of its size, age, condition or whether we own it (as in paid off), have a mortgage on it, or are renting it.

Some homes are going to seem better than others

From an outsider’s perspective, some dwelling spaces are going to seem safer, more comfortable, more accessible, and more desirable than others for long-term living, but this is not the key test. What really matters is how the occupants of the space like their surroundings.

People simply decide to age in place where they are. They don’t need to do anything different. They don’t have to go anyplace else. They don’t have to paint, clean, or redecorate. Of course, updating or freshening the look of one’s home may be a great idea and one that affords some personal satisfaction and a better outlook on life, but it is not required.

Just based on how well someone has maintained their residence over the years, some homes are going to offer better aging in place environments than others, but the home is the key. As long as someone has a home that they are occupying that they like well enough to continue living there – or they see no reasonable need to move from it – they can age in place there and are doing so already.

So, where is the best place to age in place?

Most of us already have our aging in place home. We are living in it. Maybe we did not select it as such years ago. In fact, we likely did not. Nevertheless, years later, we are still living in it, and it is providing comfort and satisfaction for us. We can still make some improvements, but we have the basic styling, location, design, and floor plan that we want and need.

Aging in place means remaining in the home we are in. Therefore, the best place to age in place is exactly where we are. This eliminates so many emotional and financial issues that might come with trying to find somewhere else to live long-term because we already have our permanent home.

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