“Aging In Place Is Simple To Do”

This couple is relaxing in their forever home as they age in place and enjoy life as it comes – making necessary adjustments along the way to maintain their comfort, accessibility, security, and peace-of-mind.


There’s nothing to learn

First of all, aging in place is intuitive. All of us have been aging in place our entire lives. We maybe haven’t thought about it or focused on it as much as we are now, but we have been doing it anyway. It has not required any type of study.

No one specifically taught us what we would need to know to be where we are now. There have been no courses to take, books to read, seminars to attend, or mentors to engage to help us learn to age in place effectively. We have not needed to declare our intentions with anyone – no family, friends, agencies, or local officials.

This doesn’t mean that we know everything that will help us, but needing to learn more about the process or the concept of aging in place was not a prerequisite to getting started. Actually, the process had begun years before we ever recognized or identified it.

There’s nothing to join

There are no organizations, associations, or affinity clubs to join in order to signify our willingness to age in place or to learn more about the process. This literally is something we experience and adapt to as we see fit.

While there are various aging in place associations, most of these are for professionals rather than consumers, and nothing specifically is taught that will prepare a person for living well on their own in advance since it is something they are experiencing it in the moment.

This is strictly a learn-as-you-go activity

Aging is place is very important for our long-term safety and well-being – mental and emotional health as well. We need a long-term foundational place that we can call ours that is a safe haven for us. No matter what challenges we may be facing in the world, we know that we can depend on the comfort and security of our residence.

While there are no courses to take, required books to read, or mandatory inspections to undertake before beginning our long-term lifestyle in our homes, it doesn’t mean that we are totally unprepared either.

We have a lot of help for aging in place success. First, we have our experiences. We remember things that we liked about our home or homes as we were growing up as well as some of the things that we didn’t like or that presented issues for family members. We likely have had more than just our current home as an adult so we have learned from those experiences also. Additionally, we listen and learn from what friends and neighbors say about their experiences in their homes.

“Certified Aging In Place Specialists Are Available”

So much of what people need to know to age well in their homes they will acquire on their own. However, they may need or want a second opinion – a professional look at their home and living environment by someone like us who is CAPS trained.

Certainly aging in place is a natural activity that can be done without any planning or experience but done much more successfully and enjoyably with a little attention to it. This is how we can help the marketplace – by being available to provide coaching, advice, and services for successful aging in place for those interested in engaging us.

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