“The Best Seat In The House For Aging In Place Classes”

Attending a CAPS class online is easy, convenient, and a huge time-savings. It’s very efficient and productive and provides the same learning opportunity as an in-person class.


Arranging to take the classes

When you decide to earn your Certified Aging In Place Specialist designation, you have to enroll in the three required classes to make that happen. There may be an option of taking the classes in-person, but then, you need to find dates that those are available, the locations where they are held, make arrangements to travel there to attend, and schedule the amount of time away from your work and home to make that happen.

However, a more prudent, efficient, and certainly less-expensive option is to take the classes online. If you live in Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, or the western US, traveling to a physical location in Florida can take a lot of planning and expense, plus a lot of time away from home. Nevertheless, people from all of these places – plus every state on the mainland – have taken our classes online in South Florida this year.

It’s so convenient

It’s so convenient to arrange, attend, and complete. Simply locate a class or series of classes to take from the available schedule on the website, complete the registration online, receive a confirmation and information on how to log into the classes, and open the class on the scheduled day and time – all without leaving your home or office.

What can be easier, more efficient, and cost-effective than completing the coursework online? It’s the same material as that presented in-person, but it can connect with you in more personal ways.

There are no flights to arrange, strange hotel beds to sleep in, new environments to adjust to, or traffic to fight to get to the classes on time. There is always the perfect parking place right next to the door because there is no driving required to get to the class. There also is no concern about the comfort of the meeting room – the temperature, the lighting, the chairs, the presence of steps, or anything else that we often have to adjust to in attending workshops and seminars.

Concentrating on the material

We can really focus on the material being presented without distractions. We have familiar facilities just a short walk away from our computer that we are used to using. We can get a drink or snack or use the restroom anytime we need to do so – not just at scheduled times.

We don’t need to be concerned about hearing the presentation – we can make our speakers as loud as we need them to be. We can make the images larger also. No one is going to sit between our line of sight and the screen so we will have a comfortable way of viewing the material.

Distractions are kept to a minimum – mostly within our control – so that we can concentrate on the material being presented.

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