“Aging In Place Should Be A Treat & Not A Trick”

Halloween signals a festive change of seasons from summertime to fall (and the time change which is close at hand) and to a more indoor time where our focus is on how well our homes can serve our needs.

Halloween comes just once a year

Halloween, with its tricks and treats, comes just once a year, with a little bit of lead-up to the official day. We expect it, and we may decide to participate in it at home or at the office. Traditionally, children have visited our homes in search of free candy, and we obliged them.

This year may be quite different, however, As last year, people are concerned about opening their doors to strangers or being around too many people – this goes for both the trick-or-treaters and their parents as well as those of us who are being visited by them.

Aging in place is year-round

When the holiday is over tomorrow, everyone will go back to the way things were. For those who have created a safe, comfortable, and accessible home for themselves, or commissioned one of us to help them, their lifestyle tomorrow will be the same as it was in recent history. They will be able to enjoy a friendly living environment that meets their lifestyle and emotional needs.

We know that “trick or treat” is associated with Holloween, but it should not carry over into our personal spaces. Our homes should provide a safe and comfortable;e living experience for us – without challenges or apprehensions.

The word “trick” should not be associated in any way with our homes. If there are things that are a little scary for us or unsafe, then those should be addressed, There are many CAPS professionals ready to assist anyone who needs help – and these solutions won’t necessarily be expensive. They could be rather extensive, depending on what needs to be done, but they could be relatively simple and inexpensive as well.

The ‘treat’ part of aging in place

Unlike the holiday we are observing, there is no need to choose between something desirable (treat) and something not so nice (trick). We can design or modify our homes so that they provide an ongoing safe living environment for us. For those who can’t make the required or desired changes themselves, there are many CAPS professionals ready to assist them.

Aging in place offers so many advantages, and we need to make sure, as professionals, that we are ready to help people get the full benefit of remaining in their homes long-term. They should be able to get the benefits of familiar surroundings and knowing generally where things are kept and stored, how to use the various features, appliances, and fixtures in their home, and how to navigate their home safely even during the night or in low lighting situations.

Waking up each day in their forever home should indeed be a treat.

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